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Thunder Rising – Back to the Time of Rock

Thunder Rising
Back to the Time of Rock
by Gary Hernandez at 02 May 2022, 11:44 AM

THUNDER RISING bill themselves as a super group, which essentially means that for most of the five members this isn’t their first rodeo. One listen and it’s clear this is well-experience group from the soaring vocals to the ultra-tight rhythms to the oh-so-smooth solos. The band formed circa 2012 and have two full-length albums under their belt. The second album, “Back to the Time of Rock,” was released on March 4, 2022 via Music For The Masses Records. This latest album may seem familiar to fans of THUNDER RISING as ten of the tracks were released on two EPs issued in the year of our plague, 2021. The album, however, does feature an updated take on “Nameless” (iteration number two) and “Stairs to the Top,” which is a CD only bonus track.

To be clear, THUNDER RISING is a Rock band. Their albums are replete with ballads, clean singing, and blues-based rhythms. Their lyrics are safe, and their style reminiscent of 90’s heavy rock. All in all, they are a very listenable band. If you played the album at a social gathering, most people would swear they’d heard every song before—familiar without being specifically discernable. Part of that may come down to the inception for album. As their promo material states, the idea was to give tribute to the rock music that was “integral to \[their] musical training.” Hence the title, the many appearances of Hammond solos, and the Fender fueled riffs. You’ll hear hints of DEEP PURPLE alongside KANSAS and MONTROSE. Not bad company to keep, and a crowd with which we are all well acquainted.

Of the twelve tracks that make up “Back to the Time of Rock,” none stand out either as terrible or great. The bottom-line is the album steady, middle of the road. It doesn’t disappoint but it also doesn’t delight. My recommended tracks are “Don’t be Shy” and “Labyrinth of Spectre.” It’s likely to rank high on Rock charts and low on Metal. If extreme metal is . . . well, too extreme for you, or if you miss the NWOBHM glory days, or just want to kick back to some good time rock ‘n’ roll jams, “Back to the Time of Rock” may fit the bill.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Fate Train
2. Black Tiger
3. Scratches On The Hood
4. I’m Still Alive
5. Timeless Blues
6. Rock From The Sky
7. Don’t Be Shy
8. Nameless
9. Escape From You (Extended Version)
10. Labyrinth Of Spectres
11. Nameless (Part II)
12. Stairs To The Top (Only For Cd Bonus Track)
Alessio Spini – Vocals
Frank Caruso – Guitars
Enzo Caruso – Keyboards, backing vocals
Gabriele Baroni – Bass
Corrado Ciceri – Drums
Record Label: Music For The Masses Records


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