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Thunder - The Magnificent Seventh (CD)

The Magnificent Seventh
by Grigoris Chronis at 29 January 2005, 4:44 AM

The empire of the honorable Bad Company holdovers strikes back with another startling release, a great surprise for all lovers of traditional British Hard Rock sound and an irresistible argument towards the tons of cruel railers vociferating against the dynamics of 70's inspired Rock harmony. Set for release on February 21st 2005 in the U.K. (STC Recordings), February 22nd 2005 in Europe (Frontiers Records) and March 24th 2005 in Japan (JVC), The Magnificent Seventh really blew me out, in a level that my mind started swirling 'bout the longevity and nonpareil mesmerism lots of UK bands still practice based on the Island's incalculable Rock legacy!!!
Guess I must chat a little more… A little push from history, please!
02.01.1989: South London based Hard Rock quintet Terraplane split up, after two infamous (now genuine rarities) releases featuring the sting of what was to become the distinctional Thunder yeast. Cute frontman Danny Bowes and fellow comrade guitarist Luke Morley adopt ex-Duran Duran guitarist Andy I always loved-Hard-Rock-music Taylor's new band name proposal and the Thunder bursts out!
28.04.1989: The band signs to EMI, parties out till puke is spread allover and recordings begin, under Andy Taylor's production, management etc.
05.03.1990: Debut Back Street Symphony album is released and even the U.S. fashion-ed Media pays attention to this free-style Hard rockin' anthem, capable of standing next to Bad Company's 1974 same-titled opus (no joke…). The strength in numbers? UK Charts: #21, US Top: 114 in rank… Love Walked In single still hunts the decks of thousands of Rock cafes/pubs/clubs etc all over the globe.
24.08.1992: Somophore effort Laughing On Judgement Day released in the U.K. Goes straight in at No 2, beaten off the #1 spot by Kylie Minogue's Greatest Hits!
xx.yy.2005 (x,y: the date you'll purchase the CD): After nearly 15 successful years, the down to earth, rootsy yet class imbued Hard Rock act's seventh essay settles down in the average CD drive, revealing the profound impulse of music to an extent that time-dimension seems unable to deteriorate the magic of vital passion. Produced by Morley himself, the classic Thunder vibe is present in each and every single note performed, resulting to a set of eleven brilliant tracks full of enchantment, free spirit and sensibility. Don't know what else to write about. Just a hint: my album collection features the three first Thunder albums, and I could easily be convinced that this is the follow-up…
For everyone familiar with Thunder's magica, no way should you set a quandary in your mind. Here's the real proof of fair success, no matter what the under-the-guillotine Press should (op)pose. Yet, you, the unlettered bluesy Hard Rock fan keenly willing to shake your head or stamp your foot at the sound of your beloved Bad Company, Argent or the Georgia Satellites prime cuts, this magnificent piece of Hard Rock work is - by all means - for you. Enjoy and let your booze buddy have a drink on you tonight! Hooray!!!

4 Star Rating

I Love You More Than Rock'n'Roll
The Gods Of Love
Monkey See, Monkey Do
I'm Dreaming Again
Amy's On The Run
The Pride
Fade Into The Sun
Together Or Apart
You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
One Foot In The Grave
One Fatal Kiss
Danny Bowes - Vocals
Luke Morley - Guitar
Ben Matthews - Guitar & Keyboards
Chris Childs - Bass
Gary 'Harry' James - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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