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Thunderwalker - The Misanthropist

The Misanthropist
by Tiffini Taylor at 06 March 2018, 12:11 PM

A riveting guitar into the first song “We Wait” goes straight into the harsh Metal song it is. It is straight up no hold bars Progressive Metal. The drums are quick and fast, they keep the beat very well. The guitar is outstanding. The vocals are harsh and grunge like in feel. There is an unexpected interlude of acoustic which works well in the harshness of this song. It ends with another nice interlude. The second track is titled “Unaware”, which some will wonder why they are unaware of this artist. “Unaware” enters with a bang to a heart throbbing voice. It is again heavy with drums and guitar. The beat gets faster as it goes farther along into the song.

The next song is “Entombed” another hard pounding song that will make one think about what Progressive Metal actually is. This is head banging Metal that is dangerous. It is fast at the beginning, slower in middle, and then again ends on a hard note. There are good guitars and good drums throughout. Halfway through the album and one will figure out this is not an ordinary Metal, it is hard driven heavy, harsh and Progressive in style of Metal. The first three songs are proof that it doesn’t matter where one is at, there are talented musicians of all genres everywhere around the world. New Zealand is a new hotbed of a Progressive Metal scene that deserves more looking into.

The fourth song titled “Blindly” begins with thriving guitars that transition into heavy drums and vocals. “Praying” is not like any other song on this. It is a bit eerie in the feel of it. It is slower and much darker, all in good ways. There are interesting vocals and drums for a Progressive Metal song. The guitar is good. It’s nice and steady. The final track is “To Noexistence” and ends the album with a bang beginning with a good guitar intro. This is a nice way to end the album. The heaviness and harshness is there. Overall this album is good.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. We Wait
2. Unaware
3. Entombed
4. Blindly
5. Praying
6. To Noexistience
Richard the Octopod - Everything
Record Label: Independent


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