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Thy Disease - Costumes Of Technocracy

Thy Disease
Costumes Of Technocracy
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 30 June 2014, 6:34 PM

Industrial Groove Metal band THY DISEASE have released their new album "Costumes of Technocracy" through Mystic Productions. Although they don't state it, the band is very Death Metal heavy vocally. THY DISEASE are a band meant for those who enjoy bands like GOJIRA and FEAR FACTORY, but if you don't believe me maybe you should be checking it out.

There specific things with this band to talk about. Starting of is the Synths and Loops they use, a very weird mix with the Death Metal sound but they really do make it work, even if it may confuse you at times. The idea of this being considered Groove Metal doesn't sound right to me, THE DISEASE are more of an Industrial Death Metal with modern KORN influences. Vocally throughout the album it isn't common to hear the Industrial sound so much, but if you do pay attention it is there. The songs though, the big one for me was "MK Ultra" (not to be confused with TOXIC HOLOCAUST's "Mkultra"). Starting with a talking sample before and starting off with a really weird techno part, this song really throws you off. Although normally these songs annoy the hell out of me, this one doesn't. The techno part is so different from what you would normally hear and really only applies a beat to the song itself. This song is sort of an intro into "Global Technocratic Prison" though, where you can really hear the GOJIRA style influences this band possesses.

As a band, I’d recommend THY DISEASE to any fans of GOJIRA or just anyone who likes both KORN and Death Metal. May seem like a strange mix but this album is interesting, in a good way, and brings some new sounds to the table.

3 Star Rating

1. Slave State
2. Muted Scream
3. Costumes of Technocracy
4. Psycho Parasites
5. Holographic Reality
6. Corporate Cull
7. Synthetic Messiah
8. Drowning
9. MK Ultra
10. Global Technical Prison
Sirius - Vocals
Yanuary - Guitars
Artyom - Guitars
Andrew - Bass
Ireq - Drums
Vx The Mind Ripper - Synthesizers, Loops, Samples
Record Label: Mystic Productions


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