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Thy Disease – Transhumanism Award winner

Thy Disease
by Santiago Puyol at 24 February 2020, 6:17 AM

THY DISEASE is a Polish Industrial Metal band, with elements of Death Metal into their sound. "Transhumanism" is their seventh album, following 2014’s "Costumes of Technocracy". In this conceptual work, the band tackles the philosophy of transhumanism, especially the subject of human evolution through technological advance, and present it in a dystopic scenario of human erasure via technology.

"Inhuman Form" opens the record with an outstanding mix of electronic sounds and organic instrumentation. The deep tone of the growls fit the oppressive atmosphere the band created with their fast-paced, tight playing. Two thirds in the music takes a detour through a groovy interlude. That bass plays some really nasty lines. Putting upfront the sound and concept of the record, it works neatly as an opener; as harsh as it is catchy.

Some fat, funky bass takes presence on the noisy yet memorable "Drone Soul". You will keep your head banging to that groove. The synthesizer work adds a robotic, "retro-futuristic" undertone to the track. The band plays with the idea of using futuristic aesthetics borrowed from the past, mainly bringing some sounds and sensibilities of the eighties and nineties to the present. It is quite evident in the artwork as well, evoking sci-fi movies from decades ago.

"Aluminium Cities" features clean vocals that retain an edge in comparison with growling, mainly due to its sardonic delivery. Alternating between harsh vocals and cleans makes the experience feel fuller. This song relies less on the electronic elements of the band and more on the organic instrumentation, making it heavier and livelier than the previous tracks. Drumming is a highlight here: tight, dynamic and complex.

Gothic vibes and heavy syncopation feature heavily on "Bloody Treatment". It is the kind of song that throws you in a limb with some choices, but does so in a confusing yet masterfully constructed way. Electronics are used quite sparsely here, adding subtle touches when needed, keeping things into Industrial territory but never feeling intrusive or cheesy. Meanwhile, "Deliverance" goes for dirty riffing and pounding bass, being quite radio-friendly even, in the best possible way. A catchy track that balances its harder moments with softer, textured ones.

"There’s No You" is the longest song on the record, and makes the most of it being the most expansive too. A track that ebbs and flows, even at high-speed. It features an impressive sense of drama, without resorting to theatricality, a testament to THY DISEASE’s tight songwriting. Instrumental proggy bits here and there contribute to the dazzling mood-swings of the song. It has a powerful chorus, underscored by a sick yet melodic lead.

"Infrasonic Noises" and "Convergence" do not add much new to the record but are simply solid tracks that play to the band’s strengths and tried formulas, and set the record for its grand finale. Closer "Digitized Mind" is the second longest song in "Transhumanism" and it shows in the Prog influences –that groovy, complex drumming– and expansive nature of it. It features some playful interplay of electronic elements and heavier instrumentation, and although softer than other tracks, it still packs a lot and has an intense breakdown. The slow fade-out works perfectly and "Digitized Mind" functions as an amazing closer, considering "Extinction by Contract" is actually a bonus track. The bonus track is heavy on the electronic sounds, with a very robotic yet still groovy feel. It certainly is a fun track placed at the end, and still fits in with the concept of the record.

Overall, "Transhumanism" is a solid record with an intriguing concept and a strong voice. The experience of the band reveals itself quite clearly. A well-written, well-played and well-produced album.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Inhuman Form
2. Drone Soul
3. Aluminium Cities
4. Bloody Treatment
5. Deliverance
6. There’s No You
7. Infrasonic Noises
8. Convergence
9. Digitized Mind
10. Extinction by Contract (Bonus Track)
Martin – Vocals
Yanuary – Guitar
Andrew – Bass
Ireq – Drums
Vx The Mind Ripper – Synthesizers, loops & samples
Atryom – Session guitarist
Record Label: Creative Music Records


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