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Thy Fallen Kingdom - Fear The Hunter

Thy Fallen Kingdom
Fear The Hunter
by Sven at 09 January 2015, 2:26 PM

When the Singapore-band THY FALLEN KINGDOM delivers its full-length debut "Fear The Hunter" you just need to listen thirty seconds into the album's first song (track number two) "Army Of 1" while viewing the album cover, to come to the realization that these guys are not just love the classic Thrash-metal scene. But they love it to death!

From start to finish, giving THY FALLEN KINGDOM a journey of a classic Thrash-metal genre's history where the main influence is derived from the Bay Area scene. But while I feel strong flavors of DEATH ANGEL and TESTAMENT in all the songs you notice at an early stage of the album how this band opens small gaps in their compositions in which the judgment in songs like "My Murderous Childhood" delivers an element of the Canadian scene in the eighties with bands like EXCITER and ANNIHILATOR, while songs like "Psychosis" and the album's last track ”Possessors of Absolute Power" makes me think back to the early days of ANTHRAX, METALLICA and SLAYER.

The lyrics have a hard and consistent image where war and generalized fear delivers a dominant atmosphere throughout the album, which the album-cover clarifies even more. A cover showing a frightened soldier in the woods with a laser sight to his forehead. "Fear The Hunter" is overall a strong full-length debut signed the classic Thrash-metal scene, where the songs are packaged into a modern sound without losing its gritty look. However, it becomes inevitable that the band ends up in the classic debut trap, where fear of going all the way out with all the songs become too comfortable. It is noticeable that the guys sometimes want to break the hard and consistent, with dynamic harmonies, which they sometimes do, but they do not dare to take it to the mountain, allowing these parties hardly feels noticeable The band delivers a competent overall concept and I find it hard to believe that the majority of Thrash-metal fans around the world would not like "Fear The Hunter".

I like it from a debut albums perspective! You notice the boys' energy, hunger and dedication to what they do and what they like, which is a good first step in their career,and I am convinced that they on the next album dare to take the plunge to deliver anything accomplished.

3 Star Rating

1. Mental Opression
2. Army of 1
3. My Murderous Childhood
4. Fear The Hunter
5. Imperious Regime
6. Psychosis
7. Operation B.E.A.S.T.
8. Unchallenged
9. Possessors Of Absolute Power
Akhbar - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Christian - Lead, Rhythm Guitar
Aip - Drums
Bryan - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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