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Thy Listless Heart – Pilgrims on the Path of No Return

Thy Listless Heart
Pilgrims on the Path of No Return
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 20 October 2022, 6:39 AM

From Bandcamp, “THY LISTLESS HEART is a different entity; it is Atmospheric Metal, filled with Doom elements and sad melodies, crowned with passionate singing. The album needs to be heard in its entirety to get the full emotions and atmospheres it creates…it is indeed a pilgrimage.”

“As the Light Fades” is the first song. The opening riff is slow and sad, with some guitar harmonies mixed in. The vocals are sung in a solemn fashion without a lot of inflection, giving them a cold feeling. “The Precipice” is a precarious cliff or steep rock. The subject is there, at the very edge, looking down at the rocks far below and the sea. He is weighing his life at the moment, deciding what do to. Harsh vocals mix in to give the song more weight. “Yearning” is just that…a deep desire for something more in life. The vocals are very emotive and you can feel his laments. The soft recorder notes at the end magnify the feeling.

“When the Spirit Departs the Body” is a sad affair again. The song opens slowly, with a build of soft drum strikes, clean guitars, and low, emotional vocals. The music has some hopeful tones that are dashed towards the end. “Confessions” is a soul-bearing experience that features both clean and harsh vocals. For me, the harsh vocals represent the feeling of guilt one experiences when confessing one’s sins. It’s an interesting concept—because we are all sinners by nature. “Aefnian” is a shorter song featuring melancholic acoustical guitars, clean vocals, and soft flute notes. It means “to become evening” in Old English.

“The Search for Meaning” closes the album. Solemn tones open the near 15-minute opus. Heavy accents follow. The search for meaning is perhaps the one thing that every human has in common. Harsh vocals represent man’s frustration in this affair. We have been search for meaning for centuries, and no one has found any yet. This was a good album, especially considering it was a one-man effort. One of the best parts was how well the song titles matched the music. Read them as you listen, and they just connect so well. Much of the album is a sad and gloomy affair, as described in the beginning. Images of death, dying, and cold graves abound. If you can’t find meaning here, you might be emotionally dead.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. As the Light Fades
2. The Precipice
3. Yearning
4. When the Spirit Departs the Body
5. Confessions
6. Aefnian
7. The Search for Meaning
Simon Bibby – Everything
Record Label: Hammerheart Records


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