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Thy Majestie - ShiHuangDi

Thy Majestie
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 September 2012, 6:30 PM

With great power comes great responsibility. I believe that this mighty sentence that carries a lot with it wasn’t conceived through the pages of the Spiderman comic books. I see it as an ancient node for every human being that possesses any type of power, whether political, economic and even physical. The use of one’s power should be purpose to assist others as a main prerogative. However, as history shows, the usage of power by people that possessed or inherited it wasn’t always for a better use. This incoming story that involved the ancient Chinese empire over 2000 years ago, once divided into small kingdoms, pretty similar to the small baron like monarchies of Europe, presents how true power, held by one man named Qin Shi Huang that became the first emperor, can attain unity and forging a single commanding structure that in time will create legends. This magnificent story of unification, under the name of “ShiHuangDi”, marks the comeback of the Italian Epic Symphonic / Power Metal band, THY MAJESTIE, which also proved that they are more than capable on making archaic eposes to come alive in the present and with class. Following the band’s return THY MAJESTIE switched their vocalist once again in favour of the talented CRIMSON WIND vocalist Alessio Taorminawhile also recruiting a new keyboardist Giuseppe Carrubba.This new album also marks the band’s return to their local label Scarlet Records. These changes, even if considered rather small, present an amazing release and the actual face of Power Metal nowadays.

Furthermore, the “ShiHuangDi” album, along with Taormina’s formidable voice in the front, along with a splendid sound production, and a high rated musical approach, infusing modern and vintage musical elements, seemed to me like an elevation in comparison to the previous releases. THY MAJESTIE has always been an energetic group that followed the same paths of several of the great European Power Metal names, especially from their own local scene, as RHAPSODY OF FIRE, LABYRINTH and VISION DIVINE, yet, this particular release sounded more credible as a concept. Aside from their Metal knowledge that showcased dramatic vocals, wonderful lead guitar works of both soloing and melodies, smashing riffages of both bass and rhythm guitars that transpired the legend they present and definitive drumming, the great usage of the operatic factors next to the right usage of Keyboards as a wonderful aura of change, disposition and state of mind alterations upgraded this album stature in my bill.

“Walls of the Emperor” and “Siblings of Tian” kept me close to my seat, listening to those tracks with such a passion to receive more and more with no end. Such fine elegance confined tight together in a steel cage with a ready to burst animal that symbolized the heaviness of the music, is hard to come by nowadays and I am glad that I found it here. I would also recommend “Ephemeral”, “Farewell”, “Seven Reigns” and “Under the Same Sky” as class act tracks that would be gifts for every Power Metal fan that seeks beyond the capabilities known from this subgenre of Metal. There is also a decent track named “End of the Days” that features the guest appearance of RHAPSODY OF FIRE / VISION DIVINE vocalist Fabio Lione. I like this one but regrettably it wasn’t that compelling, both vocally and musically, to the former tracks I offered.

Qin Shi Huang, the first Chinese emperor, died in the age of the 49. THY MAJESTIE made their own special comeback with rooting out his name from the pages of history and into an epic Metal album. As always this Italian group was able to impress with their sense of storytelling alongside an amazing talent to create the best suitable music. When it comes to development, as I have noticed from most veteran Metal bands of the same genre, “ShiHuangDi” is the band’s best possible offering yet, however, these guys took their time to recharge so I am sure that there is a lot for them to provide to the Metal world.

4 Star Rating

1. Zhongguo
2. Seven Reigns
3. Harbinger of a New Dawn
4. Siblings of Tian
5. Walls of the Emperor
6. Under the Same Sky
7. Farewell
8. Huanghum
9. Ephemeral
10. End of the Days (Feat. Fabio Lione)
11. Requiem 
Alessio Taormina- Vocals
Simone Campione- All Guitars &Backing Vocals
Giuseppe Carrubba- Keyboards
Dario D’Alessandro- Bass & Backing Vocals
Claudio Diprima- Drums
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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