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Thy Rites – Nekrolatreia

Thy Rites
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 14 June 2021, 5:27 PM

Formed in 2005 and hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, THY RITES describes themselves as “summoned in 2005 to praise the satanic strength and desecrate the weakling light of Jehova.” They previously released three other full-length albums; “Nekrolatreia” is their fourth, and contains eleven tracks.

“Mors Inceptio Solum Est” leads off the album. It’s a very short opening instrumental, with eerie notes, setting the tone for “Carcinogenesis.” The opening sound is more Death Metal than Black Metal for me. The short vocal bursts and speedy guitars give it away. It’s energetic, with plenty of spastic guitar solos that don’t really follow the melody very well. “The Cursed Slumber” features a plethora of chaotic offerings mainly from the guitar and bass work. One of the main problems I have with the genre is that the songs are just too damn short.

“Engraved into Darkness” is more of the same…super-fast picked guitars and vocal shouts, as well as more of those spastic guitar solos. This one at least tries to follow the riff a little bit, but it still comes as off-key for me. “Carrionscape” starts off with a change of pace, but is soon dashed by more chaos. The drummer’s arms must be ready to fall off at any point on the album. The title track opens with the beating of a heart, which subsequently flatlines. Chaos ensues once again, and again, it ends before you know it.

“Psalmody of Damnation” is another short burner that doesn’t let up from start to finish. The same thing can be said for “Mephistophellian.” It just rides so quickly like a fireball careening over the earth than you barely have time to think. “Christ’s Death” is a SARCOFAGO cover. It opens with impossibly fast drumming and guitar work. They put their own spin on the song, but, alas, it all sounds the same in the end to me. “The Feral Communion” is just more mindless shredding for the sake of it. The one-minute “Amen (Ora Pro Nobus)” closes the album. It features more of the eerie tones from the opening track.

Overall, this wasn’t too bad for a guy who likes melody in his music. I can certainly appreciate the more extreme styles of Metal, but this album just repeats itself over and over. Many of the tracks bleed together and could easily be interchanged with one another. Aside from the seriously energetic lead guitarist, who picks at speeds faster than man can know, the album as a whole falls mostly flat for me. If you like Death Metal, you might find this to your liking, but it was just not for me.

Songwriting: 4
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 3
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Mors Inceptio Solum Est
2. Carcinogenesis
3. The Cursed Slumber
4. Engraved into Darkness
5. Carrionscape
6. Nekrolatreia
7. Psalmody of Damnation
8. Mephistophellian
9. Christ's Death
10. The Feral Communion
11. Amen (Ora Pro Nobis)
Nekrotizer – The Black Vomit of Hell and all Infernal Chords
Record Label: Satanath Records


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Edited 27 September 2021

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