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Thy Row - Unchained

Thy Row
by Leanne "Metal Maiden" Evans at 18 October 2021, 8:58 PM

THY ROW are an energetic, hard-rocking Finnish quintet, armed with delicious grooves, moreish twin-guitar action and melodies to keep you satisfied for days! Founded in 2017, THY ROW offer up a fresh mix of old-school heavy metal, combined with contemporary hard rock, creating a kaleidoscope of sound that’s easy on the ears and even easier on the feet for your foot-tapping pleasure. Previously, the guys had self-released their self-titled debut EP; now, the rambunctious rockers bring their sophomore release, their debut LP “Unchained” for your aural enjoyment.

Packed with eleven high-octane tracks - with exception of a couple of schmoozy numbers - THY ROW make it impossible not to fall in love with their unbound blend of yesteryear tones meets modern rock sound. We’re slammed firmly into the fast lane in “The Road Goes On”, with plenty of rocking energy in its frantic riffs and a frenetic guitar solo that bursts later in the track. Charging forward with tempo that goes from 0-60 in the blink of an eye, serving up plenty of melodic riffing, “The Round” blisters, with gargantuan drums smacking, and goes full pelt, with another fine guitar solo to enjoy. Taking a slightly more cock-rock stance, title-track “Unchained” is in the vein of MOTLEY CRUE “Looks That Kill” meets CRASHDIET “Chemical” to its riffs; it’s catchy, with plenty of hooks and foot-tapping tempo and Mikael’s rasped and gritty vocals ignite this muscular beast.

With a killer start to the album, you’re confident THY ROW serve up raunchiness, fun and hella sexy. “Horizons” oozes with a more stripped-back, sultry style, with anthemic “Just Fine” following suit, adding more pumping tempo, sound moments for the dual guitars we’ve enjoyed and bite to the riffs. Continuing with pulsating, passional energy, “Down on My Knees” exudes a FIREHOUSE meets SCORPIONS output with a luscious guitar solo that drives through. The middle section of “Unchained” is certainly the sultrier, sizzling aspect of the record and a pretty delicious listen.

Wrapping up “Unchained”, the final few tracks are a trilogy titled “The Downfall”, split into what one would imagine to be something to do with a toxic love affair judging by some of the content. To start, “Part 1: Killing all Inside” bounds in with spitting anger and demoniac riffs that split, just to get all that hate and anger bubbling to the surface, with “Part 2: Beyond Reason” spewing an equally venomous feeling riff, soaring vocals and powering through with meaty drum work. The final instalment wraps up the three-piece composition with “Part 3: Fragment of Memory”, starting with an eastern-inspired riff and roaring into something that feels far more liberated and, aptly, unchained. Strangely, though, THY ROW opt to bookend “Unchained” with a cover of X JAPAN’s “Blue Bood”, which as pleasing a track as it is, it feels very misplaced in style with the rest of the album. Whilst it doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the album, the cover feels like an afterthought and it would be interesting to understand the thought process behind this choice. Overall, THY ROW offer a striking blend of hard rockin’ heavy metal, creating an album that’s easy on the ears, pleasing to the soul and pure, unadulterated pleasure in “Unchained”.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Road Goes On
2. The Round
3. Unchained
4. Horizons
5. Hidebound
6. Just Fine
7. Down on My Knees
8. The Downfall, Part 1: Killing All Inside
9. The Downfall, Part 2: Beyond Reason
10. The Downfall, Part 3: Fragments of Memory
11. Blue Bood (X Japan Cover)
Mikael Salo – Vocals
Jussi Laulainen – Guitars
Ville Vase – Guitars
Juho Jokimies – Bass
Teemu “Snake” Laitinen – Drums
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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Edited 04 December 2022

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