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Thy Serpent's Cult - Supremacy of Chaos

Thy Serpent's Cult
Supremacy of Chaos
by JOGANEGAR at 17 January 2018, 5:40 AM

THY SERPENT’S CULT is a Death Metal band from Santiago de Chile releasing their third full length album called “Supremacy of Chaos,” a true example of organic and powerfully constructed Death Metal with some shades of black and even thrash to go along with it.  A certain chill goes up and down your spine every time you search for a word to describe a band like THY SERPENT’S CULT, the mystery surrounding it and the lack of a need for publicity makes it even bleaker to stand in the presence of a musical ensemble such as this. Although labeled as split up by some Metal sites and not containing an official site or Facebook profile per se, a record such as “Supremacy of Chaos” indicates a prolific energy that has nowhere to go but up and ahead. The longevity of well-versed bands depends much on the environment around it, and in some unfortunate cases a loyal fan base and the much-needed discipline and dedication that make great bands what they are, sometimes isn’t enough.

“Satanic Rites of Blood” is an overwhelming and disturbing experience altogether, like a nightmare within a nightmare all in itself, like those times you think you just woke up, but the punishment has just begun. Elements that may turn out as extreme and extraordinary are managed naturally by the members of this band, they embrace darkness like the monster running away from its own reflection. A perfect closure for the torture stands out in the form of the terrible behemoth that breeds on human despair and chaos: “Leviathan” depicts guitar riffs shaped like screams that emerge from the helpless souls that stand before this agent of chaos and figure of supremacy.

Some favorable news for this New Year might include the continuity of this band including ex members of HATERED as well as some of the most respected musicians of the current South American death metal scene, one may never know, but then uncertainty and mystery make it even more interesting to know and be a part of THY SERPENT’S CULT.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 5
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Supremacy of Chaos
2. Diabolic Force
3. The Goddess of the Lust
4. into the Lungs of Hell
5. Pedophiliac Priest
6. Apocalyptic Horse of War
7. Endless Hate
8. Satanic Rites of Blood
9. Real of Satan
10. Necrophago
11. Leviathan
Strife - Drums
JC - Guitars
Hatred - Vocals
Black Dwarf - Bass
Record Label: Ordo MCM


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