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Thy Station - The Standing Man

Thy Station
The Standing Man
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 15 May 2019, 6:26 AM

Prog Rock/Metal duo THY STATION was founded in 2016. Because my firewall setting would not allow me access to their webpage, they had no information on their Facebook page, and they are not officially recognized by Encyclopaedia Metallum, I could not find any other information about the band. It looks like “The Standing Man” is their debut release, and contains ten tracks.

“Burning Soul” leads off the album, with solemn clean guitar notes that turn electric pretty quickly. The main riff has a DREAM THEATER vibe to it, especially considering the keyboard presence. It begins to get animated a bit close to the second verse. The riff stays pretty simple. I can’t put words to who the vocalist reminds me of…but the song is dark and tense. “Open your Eyes” is next. Keys swirl around the main riff, which is fairly easy on the ears. Some of the places the vocals go are a bit unconventional. There is a bit of a disconnect with the music at times I would go so far to say. “Hell Voices” is similar in scope…the guitars have just enough distortion for the music to be labeled as Metal, but the vocals here are more pensive and melancholy. The music is still fairly dark in scope and the vocals can come off as screams at times.

“The Quitting” is a ten-minute beast. The lead guitarist is an absolute beast in the opening sequence, and throughout the song, which showcases the musicianship of the band. There is more of a connection here between the vocals and the music, and this is a very well-done but quirky track. “Facing the Mirror” has a more positive sound out of the gates, but again that plain riff comes charging in with keys in support. The chorus is full on and the vocals soar. The rest of the song is mysterious and odd at times. Good Prog should be, so bear with me here. “Affair is Over” is a tender piece, with charming opening notes and melancholy vocals that are just a bit pitchy here and there. Overall however the song leaves a lasting impression.

“Waking up” opens with some fancy fretwork, then it’s back to that dark and choppy sound again. When it settles in the chorus, it is less chaotic but I feel like that is a center part of the album’s sound. Again, the vocals are off key here. “Climbing High” opens with guitars and keys in a nice synergy. The vocals are a little better connecting here with the music, but are still off target sometimes. “Restoring the Faith” goes from light and airy to dark and heavy, switching gears along the way. Sometimes hopeful while other times pure emotional agony. “Flying” is the closing track. Pretty tones and pensive vocals open the song. It’s a very pretty song overall, following one melody line throughout, and ending on a beautiful guitar chord.

OK, Progressive music can be strange at times. Perhaps this is what draws in many fans to the genre. Much of it can be off the beaten path and doesn’t sound like something you have heard before, so it sound fresh and exciting. There is some of that here, but the bottom line is that I have to feel a connection with the vocalist, even if it is Death vocals. I am not a “clean vocals only” kind of guy, but the vocals here really made it hard for me to enjoy the album as a whole. It’s not that he is a bad singer, it’s the style he chooses to sing in is not for me. It’s sad too because the lead guitarist is a really true talent, nailing every solo and fills along the way. Give it a try, and see if you can find the connections I was not able to.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 5
Production: 7


3 Star Rating

1. Burning Soul
2. Open your Eyes
3. Hell Voices
4. The Quitting
5. Facing the Mirror
6. Affair is over
7. Waking up
8. Climbing High
9. Restoring the Faith
10. Flying
Ger Saldana
Andres P. Spool
Record Label: Independent


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