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Thy Symphony - A New Beginning

Thy Symphony
A New Beginning
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 06 June 2013, 11:57 AM

THY SYMPHONY is Symphonic Metal from São Paulo in Brazil, formed in 2001. In 2010 they finally released their debut album ”Harmonizing The World” and just recently issued their sophomore album, ”A New Beginning”.

“Where Land Begs for the Sun”, in terms of rhythm and power, is the best song on album in my bill hailing with symphonic choirs. “Time Traveler” reminded me the vocal orchestrations of THERION. Within “Watcher” there is a fine surge of symphonic customaries, choirs, fast paced drums and strong riffs, not too bad at all. However, I favoured better the gentleness of the ballad “Spark of Life”. “Thin Line to Insanity” came out as pretty modern employing the same symphonic gestures but also mechanical riffery in the vein of RAMMSTEIN. “Dark Knight” can be recognized as a new version of NIGHTWISH while “Galaxy's Great Eye” turns up the heaviness with yet another Modern Metal skill.

Generally, most songs are musically solid, but I can’t say much about the singing, as it sounded from the throats of amateurs, and it shows with plenty of imperfections. As for the aching musicianship and production take for example the title track album “2012 A New Beginning” over 15 minutes of horrible listening and “WTC (Win the Conspiracy)” where symphonic elements are far off the mix. “Endless Moment” the drums seemed overly programmed and calculated while “Revolution” laid another drop of boredom. I would also pass on “Charming Nymph” echoing with aggravated low quality singing.

I really don't like to rate albums that low, but in this case I have no other option. I listened to the Brazilians many times but believe me, these faltering singing efforts and deficiencies were really annoying thus making the album too hard to handle. I hope they will work over their material for their next album, which I hope will be better. I really wish that.

1 Star Rating

1. Hope and Fear
2. Galaxy's Great Eye
3. Saints and Sinners
4. Revolution
5. Charming Nymph
6. Where Land Begs for the Sun
7. Dark Knight
8. Watcher
9. Thin Line to Insanity
10. Endless Moment
11. WTC (Win the Conspiracy)
12. Time Traveler
13. 2012 A New Beginning
14. Spark of Life
Karina Bonizi - Vocals
Leandro Baracho - Vocals
Marcello Valsesia - Keyboard
Cesar Raize - Guitars
Rene L`abate - Bass
Eric Flemming - Drums
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider Records


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