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Thy Unmasked - The Beginning (Echoes Murdered in Time)

Thy Unmasked
The Beginning (Echoes Murdered in Time)
by Jorge “The Zarto” Zamudio at 27 September 2014, 9:19 PM

Well, well, well… Colombia has been a country where innovation got stuck like 15 years ago, when we decided to stop making new music, and started to copy all the Europe scene, and what happened?  A lot of bands got lost in the middle of nowhere, other ones went out and starting to made a name for themselves (as long as you're in this country it’s really hard to accept our own product), and other ones decided to stay and fight for what they believe in.

THY UNMASKED stayed, and have been on the run since 2010, 4 years and this EP has come out, something that I discovered by just my hunger for more, I didn’t even heard about them before, but the cover made me want it, and I really love my music hunger, when releases like this are discovered.

From melodic to pure raw, industrial touches and a very good production (for the first 5 ones, the other are demos, so…) this band has everything, and don’t get me wrong, I know that they are not innovative or are making something not heard before, but the quality of these songs is something to be grateful for, and deserves very much credit, the passages go from fastness to mid tempo, always accompanied with a deep growl and a “not so clean” voice, atmospheres created and melodies carrying you to bang your head. The changes made by drums are something to stand out, very technical and fitting perfectly with the rhythms composed, strong bass lines played good and of course, amazing guitars.

After all this said, I have been very pleasant to find them, to have this release on my hands, and to be able to wear that killing t-shirt, THY UNMASKED may be a band not new or groundbreaking, but hell they are damn good, and to find this kind of albums in Colombia has been a job for a century, some of the best are unknown to a hungry guy, wanting always more.

4 Star Rating

1. Chaos Extinguishing Life
2. Life Crawling to Death
3. The Beginning
4. Machines Enslaving the Weak
5. Roots of Damnation
6. Chaos Extinguishing Life \[2010 Demo Version]
7. Life Whispering Death \[2010 Demo Version]
8. The Beginning \[2010 Demo Version]     
Anyelo Gonzalez - Drums
Jonathan Castañeda - Guitars
John Perez - Vocals
Juan Boneth - Bass
Gustavo Casasbuenas - Guitars
Record Label: Darksoul Records


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