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Thy Disease - Anshur Za

Thy Disease
Anshur Za
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 05 May 2010, 4:05 PM

THY DISEASE is a band I got to know almost 10 years ago with their cover of Madonna’s hit “Frozen”. I don’t know why but I never spent any time on seeing what they are all about. Their brand new album “Anshur Za” is probably a pretty good chance for me to listen to their work. The fact is I always had an evident love towards Poland (yes, the guys are Polish) and I guess that me and THY DISEASE are going to get along…

Poland, is a country with a great history of extreme Metal bands like VADER, BEHEMOTH, SCEPTIC etc, but the last years there has been a new wave of Black and Death Metal bands that experiment mostly with symphonic and electronic sounds creating weird, yet interesting sounds. One of these bands is THY DISEASE with its more than 10 years of action and great releases. Its fifth full-length album “Anshur Za” which is being released through the Polish label Mystic Production is a fine sample of what this band can do.

“Anshur Za” is a damn fine album full of modern melodic Death Metal tunes with some electronic and Industrial touches. The band is mostly based on groovy riffs and its great rhythm section that seems to be its main “attraction” since it holds the actual power behind THY DISEASE’s music. And this is where it becomes even better. The Polish maniacs have distanced themselves from their more electronic past and brutally groovy patterns have taken the place of the spooky melodies giving a more “metallic” vibe to the band’s music. THY DISEASE have also worked a lot on the song structures and as it seems they have succeeded in creating a more “commercial” (in a good sense) album with catchy choruses with brutal vocals switching to clean melodic ones. The band’s sound has surely changed (experimenting was always their “thing”) but what has remained the same is this futuristic post apocalyptic theme.

Their more electronic side is most visible in the two covers (DEPECHE MODE, Madonna) where the electronic elements actually dominate the sound. What I really didn’t understand is why they chose to re-cover “Frozen”, since they have already covered the song in their debut album “Devilish Act Of Creation”. Anyway…

3 Star Rating

  1. Blame
  2. Code Red
  3. Collateral Damage
  4. Nightmare Scenario
  5. Moral Supremacy
  6. Fog Of War
  7. Freedom For Anshur-Za
  8. Generals Speech
  9. Rotten Structure
  10. Salah-Dhin
Bonus Tracks:
  1. Sinner In Me (DEPECHE MODE Cover)
  2. Frozen (Madonna Cover)
Psycho – Vocals
Yanuary – Guitar
Cube – Programming, Keyboards, Vocals
Cloud – Drums
Brovar – Session Bass
Record Label: Mystic Production


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