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Thyrant - What We Left Behind...

What We Left Behind...
by Chen May at 18 September 2017, 11:58 PM

Hailing from Spain, THYRANT is a quintet that plays Metal within a variety of styles. The band, comprising of vocalist Daniel Pérez, guitarists J. Mérida and Miguel Navarro, bassist Rubens Oliver and drummer Miguel Vegas, have recently released their debut album titled “What We Left Behind…”. The eight-track album is a dynamic combination of various subgenres of Metal, with elements of Thrash, Death and even Black Metal thrown into the mix.

“Bury Me” builds its pace gradually, intensifying with each note as the song progresses. Whilst rooted within the subgenre of Death Metal, it possesses elements of Thrash and traditional Heavy Metal as well; its solo, in particular, is highly reminiscent of classic Heavy Metal. Daniel delivers an abrasive vocal performance, unleashing a barrage of gutturals amidst the sea of riffs and drum beats. The equally fast and vicious “Endless Hunt” has a classic Thrash Metal vibe, but with large amounts of growls thrown in. Screams fill the air as Daniel’s voice cuts through the atmosphere, enriching it with aggression and ferocity. The dark and heavy “Delusion” is characterized by its strong Black Metal vibe and doomy intro. Long drawn screams and shrieks are used to frequent extent, alongside the heavy amounts of rapid drumming and bass hooks.

“Damned At Midnight” is a solid Thrash Metal affair, opening with blast beats and heavy riffs whilst laced with a generous amount of harsh vocals. “Hard Boiling” continues the Black Metal essence of “Delusion”, kicking off with a grim yet melodic intro filled with screams. The song slows down at certain points, only to pick up its pace to deliver a full-blown Metal track.  The (mostly) instrumental title track “What We Left Behind” is actually an intriguing and refreshing addition to the band’s repertoire. Though dark and melancholic at times, the track manages to evoke a sense of hope and determination too. Daniel’s scream can be heard towards the end, bringing a tinge of ferocity to an otherwise emotional track. The similarly Thrash Metal inspired “E.O.S.” opens up with a series of catchy drum beats and riffs. The vocals are a bit subdued here, and instead the spotlight is given to the instruments; the solo in this track is wondrous and pays homage to classic 80s Heavy Metal tunes. At almost eleven minutes, the notable “Carving The Throne” marks the band’s most ambitious effort. A pummeling composition, the track does not hold back from assailing listeners with its onslaught of riffs, bass lines and harsh screams and growls, before ending with a brief and mellow guitar solo.

In retrospect, “What We Left Behind…” is a good album. My main complaint, however, is vocalist Daniel’s diction. Despite possessing a powerful voice, it can be very hard to decipher what is being presented due to his unclear pronunciation and style of vocal deliverance. Furthermore, I personally felt that some of the songs on this album, such as “Bury Me” and “Hard Boiling”, would perform better at shorter durations. In spite of these flaws, “What We Left Behind…” still makes a promising debut effort, and THYRANT are slowly paving their way towards becoming a known band within the Metal scene.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

  1. Bury Me
  2. Endless Hunt
  3. Delusion
  4. Damned At Midnight
  5. Hard Boiling
  6. What We Left Behind
  7. E.O.S.
  8. Carving The Throne
Daniel Pérez - Vocals
J. Mérida - Guitars
Miguel Navarro - Guitars
Rubens Oliver - Bass
Miguel Vegas - Drums
Record Label: Indie Recordings


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