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Thyrfing - De Odeslosa Award winner

De Odeslosa
by Drago at 04 February 2013, 5:17 PM

In Norse mythology THYRFING is a cursed blade that appears in different tales and myths, a fitting name for a band that has conquered the metal scene for the last eighteen years. Sweden’s THYRFING have been delivering their brand of epic Viking / Pagan Black Metal since 1995. After a lengthy five-year layoff THYRFING are back with their seventh full-length studio release “De ödeslösa”, released through Germany’s Noise Art Records. This is their second release to feature singer Jens Rydén formerly of NAGLFAR. Jens was the lead singer of the melodic Black Metal band for twelve years and left in 2005 to focus full time on THYRFING. Their first release to feature him as lead vocalist “Hels Vite” was received with mixed reviews. Did the five-year layoff result in THYRFING’s return to the greatness of their glorious past?

Jens Bogren, one of the premier Metal producers on the Metal scene today, is behind the board and handles mixing and mastering duties once again. As usual the sound is impeccable, a perfect blend of majestic melodies, hard-hitting riffs and raspy hoarse black metal vocals. THYRFING plays a similar style to other Viking inspired bands MOONSORROW, EINHERJER and FALKENBACH. Viking inspired black metal has become a major force in the movement and the bands executing it are some of the best in the industry. With the release of “De ödeslösa” THYRFING have remained near the top of the genre.

The song writing is an incredible strength for the band. They have continued the same trend as on the last album and the tempos are not incredibly fast. The band is now more inclined to create a great riff or create an incredible atmosphere. They do a brilliant job of adding the dynamic of orchestration through the keyboards and the songs are very accessible.

Opening with a symphonic sequence, “Mot Helgrind” kicks the record off with a glorious driving riff backed with Jens dynamic vocals. Jens has a unique aggressive vocal as he almost whines through some of his delivery. It really suites the mood of the songs and he is one of the best singers in the genre. Towards the end of the track acoustics kick in and we are treated to Jens clean vocals. A BORKNAGAR influenced melody ends the song on a high note.

“Kamp” is a song that I seem to revisit over and over. Starting with an acoustic strummed rhythm Rydén once again utilizes his strong clean voice. The chorus is the catchiest song the band has ever created. The first half is a departure for the band with some gothic influences but I am glad to see them spread their wings. During the bridge and the outro of the song the tempo is picked up and it is glorious. The music is so melodic you almost have a feeling of flying. Not only one of the best songs I have heard so far this year it is also the best THYRFING song I have heard from them yet.

There is some excellent drumming courtesy of brand new drummer Dennis Ekdahl of RAISE HELL, SIEBENBURGEN and MYSTIC PROPHECY fame and the overall musicianship is outstanding on “De ödeslösa.” THYRFING has returned with a brilliant album and the layoff was well worth the wait. This is a glorious, epic and majestic record with some of the catchiest songs the genre has seen in sometime. Vocalist Jens Rydén seems more comfortable behind the microphone and I cannot wait to see what the future holds as this sounds like a band that is hitting its creative peak.

4 Star Rating

1. Mot Helgrind
2. Fordom
3. Veners förfall
4. Illvilja
5. Kamp
6. Relik
7. Vindöga
8. De ödeslösa
Jens Rydén – Vocals
Patrik Lindgren – Guitars
Fredrik Hernborg – Guitars
Joakim Kristensson – Bass
Peter Löf – Keyboards
Dennis Ekdahl - Drums
Record Label: NoiseArt Records


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