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Thyrfing - Hels Vite (CD)

Hels Vite
by Grigoris Chronis at 26 October 2008, 12:10 PM

I guess that people who have spent some time reading about Scandinavian mythology already know what Thyrfing means, and I guess that they will already know this band. For the ones who don't know shit about the meaning of the word as well as the band, here I am to end your misery! Just kidding… So, Thyrfing is a sword from the Scandinavian mythology, a cursed blade that appears in several tales and myths.

THYRFING (the band), is a Swedish Black Metal act that has been around since 1995. Maybe people that don't know the band may know THYRFING's members since Ryden is the ex singer of NAGLFAR, Kristensson is the frontman of RUTTHNA and the band used to have the services of Vintras from FUNERAL MIST. Anyway, the band has just released its sixth studio album and while taking a look at various sites I realized that there are various reactions, both good and bad.

People describe THYRFING's music as Viking Metal, but to tell you the truth I hate this term. The word Viking has to do mostly with the lyrical themes or the atmosphere, so it is something like an additional term next to the main genre. What this band actually plays is Black Metal with many epic (or Viking) elements. Of course the band has been influenced by the high and mighty BATHORY, something that is visible (or may I say audible) throughout the whole album, as well as acts like FALKENBACH and MOONSORROW.

There are many great riffs in Hels Vite, but the band has tried to create an album full of huge songs that end up sounding tiring. Just think that these 7 songs last for more than 50 minutes! Anyway, the band's new singer is really great, something that most of THYRFING's fans didn't expect and his vocal performance in this album is amazing. This guy is really a beast! What we also have here is a really heavy and concrete guitar sound and an overall nice and solid production that helps the riffing sound exactly as it deserves.

Trying to end up and gather my thoughts on this album, I can say that it is a pretty decent release, though there were times I got really tired. Some say it is their best album ever, some say it really sucks and others that they have managed to play 'true' Viking Metal for the first time in their career. What I say is that it is a nice album with some nice riffs, a great atmosphere and a great dose of boredom at some parts. The decision is yours…

3 Star Rating

En Sista Litania
Fran Stormens Oga
Hels Vite
Becoming The Eye
Tre Vintrar - Tva Solar
Jens Ryden - Vocals
Patrik Lindgren - Guitar
Kimmy Sjolund - Bass
Joakim Kristensson - Drums
Peter Lof - Synths
Record Label: Regain Records


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