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Thyruz - Northern Blasphemy (CD)

Northern Blasphemy
by Yiannis Doukas at 23 September 2007, 7:21 PM

Norwegian black metal. When you see these words your mind paints a clear picture. So, when I saw it written upon the last page of Northern Blasphemy booklet I was prepared for what I was going to hear.
Are there any new bands from there? Yes, sure but the fact with Norway is a little complicated. We had the rise and the fall of some bands and the continuing blasphemy of some others. There are not many now but some are still fucking good. Great I would say. I have in mind DARKTHRONE and CARPATHIAN FOREST. Of course you cannot deny that, the whole past of this country, and present (I can't wait for F.O.A.D.) has put seeds on this ground, with resolution in the growth of new blasphemous hordes like this one we are reviewing here.
They come from Eidsvoll and their birth was at year 1999. Their demo-logy includes five demos from 2000 till 2005. THYRUZ has all the 'goodies' that I need, like corpsepaint, skulls, bones, fires, women (look at their video clip of Martyrenes Rike) but their music didn't satisfy my needs. I found their songs complete common, without something special keeping my attention. It's not bad but after the middle it's becoming boring. I don't know, their riffs are just mediocre. The sound is nice; the bass is high giving an aggression. Drums in some moments could be different like in the beginning of Perfect Genetic Blend that looks like plastic. Nice moments was the Diamanda Gallas-like Speach By Hedin Varf.
'Sympathetic' band but I cannot propose them except you collect ANYTHING from black metal…

2 Star Rating

Gautatyrs Vrede
Tyrannical Human Interface
Martyrenes Rike
Perfect Genetic Blend
Speach By Hedin Varf
Dark Vision Arising
Death Valley Terminus
Show No Mercy
Braattsjoers Slag
Furious Chaos
Bleacher Creatures
The End
Ravnsvartr - Guitars
Mjolner - Drums
Gorm - Guitars, Piano
Mortimer - Bass
Hedin Varf - Vocals
Record Label: Twilight


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