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Thysia – Islands in Cosmic Darkness

Islands in Cosmic Darkness
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 28 March 2023, 6:17 AM

From Bandcamp, “With a suitably cavernous but fully physical sound, “Islands in Cosmic Darkness” sends out undulating sinewaves of spiritual negativity, its lyrical references rooted in Greek mythology and its inner cosmic landscapes expanding outward from an austere core. Put another way, THYSIA in general and their debut album in particular sound astoundingly OLD – not simply “old” like ’90s black metal, but rather old as the earth itself. Dusty and dusky like so much Mediterranean Black Metal from the darkest past, these sonic bones and scrolls emit a blanching aspect that’s simply impossible to find these days. Modernity is left to rot in THYSIA’s world.” The album has eight songs.

“Psallo” is the first. It’s fairly standard Black Metal…with vocal screams, a wall of guitars, pulsing drums faster than you can count the beat, and overly treble production. There are some harrowing elements, but that is also typical. “Scorched Bronze Earth” is more of the same…the vocals have an echo to them to create more of a frightening feeling when he belts, and the music is dissonant and hopeless. “Phrenes” begins with a slower and more desperate grind. The rhythms build a thicker mid-section along with audible bass notes. The ending is a bit mesmerizing as well.

“Nexus of Cataclysm Forces” has a darker and more deadly sound, but the riffs are very inventive. Although the band does a good job pushing the “dusty” elements, they need work on the riffs, and many of the songs are too similar. “Communicating Halls of the Netherworld” is a shorter song with more powerful and calculated fury. Some of the leads sound like warning sirens. “Moira Krataià” is more of the same again. At this point in the album, you realize that you aren’t getting any surprises. “Spiritual Desert” has some decent bass work, which is unusual for the genre, but again the riffs need a lot of work, as does the drumming.

The title track closes the album, without any surprises, and with the same old sound that is too similar to the rest of the album. Overall, this wasn’t a bad album per se. The biggest problem was that the eight songs all sounded similar to one another. Some of the themes were reflected in the music, the bass work was thick and audible, and the cover art was fantastic, but the band has to put more of their personality into their music, rather than relying on old formulas that have been done and re-done many times.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 1
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Psallo
2. Scorched Bronze Earth
3. Phrenes
4. Nexus of Cataclysm Forces
5. Communicating Halls of the Netherworld
6. Moira Krataià
7. Spiritual Desert
8. Islands in Cosmic Darkness
Nefasto – Guitars
Mistyr – Drums
Nihil – Bass
Fenrir – Vocals
Record Label: Chaos Records


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