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Tides Of Kharon – Titanomachy Award winner

Tides Of Kharon
by Thomas Kumke at 10 May 2021, 3:07 PM

TIDES OF KHARON were formed in 2014 and they are from Edmonton, Canada. They are a melodic Death Metal band and their lyrics are inspired by the Greek mythology. “Titanomachy” is their second EP and it was mixed and mastered by Mike Burton at Silent Line Studios in Beaumont, Canada. The EP was released via Latvia label Sliptrick Records which has bands from all Metal genres among their roster. “Titanomachy” has a length of about 25 minutes.

TIDES OF KHARON second EP has all the ingredients of a good melodeath release: catchy rhythms, epic melodies, aggressive vocals, and the right portion of variety in sound. One of the challenges in melodic Death Metal is finding the right balance between evilness and harmony. “Titanomachy” has this kind of equilibrium which makes the release very interesting to listen to. It all starts with “Atlas Endures”, a mid-tempo track which sets the tone for the things to come: aggressive guitar riffs accompanied by melodic lead guitar sequences, cool bass lines, growling vocals that include quite a few registers covering from the lower end to the upper medium end of the guttural range. The vocals go most often with the notes. The melodic part is great to listen to, it is a good mix between harmonies and melancholic elements. “Atlas Endures” is the official video release and the YouTube link is given below.

The title song seamlessly continues with the melodeath attack, it is a bit more lead guitar dominated with a few changes in rhythm and pace. The vocals are even more variable and at least during some parts more aggressive than during the opener. The melodies are not really something new, it all sounds all a bit familiar to me. “Sentinels Of Stone” is played in a nice head-banging rhythm with some catchiness in the riffing. The texture of the song has slightly more complexity with a few more changes in rhythm. There are some faster parts combined with mid-tempo parts with the drums and sharp guitar riffs driving the track forward. The lead guitar melodies are simple and effective. Overall I would say, the melodic parts on this EP are technically not very complex, it is just at the right level. I should mention vocalist Garrett Nelson for his outstanding contribution on this track.

Kronos Descend” returns to the steady rhythm through most parts of the song. The chorus has some epic moments and well suited for singing along during live shows. The final song “From The Mountain” is the fastest and most aggressive track on the EP. It maintains the melodic components, but driven by very dynamic guitar riffing and drumming including a short blast-beat section. A good way to finish the EP.

Titanomachy” is a very good melodic Death Metal EP. It is inspired by the European melodeath school and has its strengths in catchy melodies and rhythms, diversity in sound, and excellent vocals. The songs are neither too complex nor too technical, they are a good mix of harmonic melodies combined with dynamic riffing and the right portion of aggressiveness which is evidence of good songwriting. “Titanomachy” is very well produced. TIDES OF KHARON deliver an EP that will be liked by many melodic Death Metal fans and they will look forward to a full-length album of the band in the future.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Atlas Endures
2. Titanomachy
3. Sentinels Of Stone
4. Kronos Descends
5. From The Mountain
Garrett Nelson – Vocals
Justin Rehman – Guitars
Ryan Rehman ­ Guitars
Gord Alexander – Drums
Cam Rehman – Bass, Voals
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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