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Tierra Santa - Caminos De Fuego

Tierra Santa
Caminos De Fuego
by Jonathan Maphet at 27 November 2010, 6:11 PM

TIERRA SANTA Is a Spanish band that plays Power Metal. They have several releases, but this is the only one I have heard. I do not speak Spanish so I can only tell you about the music without going into vocals. The majority of the album is fast Power Metal with only a couple of slow songs. The guitar is heavy and in the song “Ejercitos De Las Tinieblas” the drumming is fast as light and very nice sounding. The song is layered with keyboards as one would do with bass. It blends in well. I have heard this done before, but it’s very audible here and sounds great. I am sure Spanish speaking peoples would love this album. It makes me wish I could speak Spanish. The production is top notch.

I would imagine it is as possible to like this release just as it is as possible to like Opera. I cannot speak Italian, but that doesn’t mean that I do not recognize that the late great Luciano Pavarotti was the greatest tenor of twentieth century. Of course they are not on the same level, but I do know talent when I hear it.

TIERRA SANTA even toured the USA in 2004. That is the first time I recall a non English speaking Power Metal band playing in the States. Maybe they gained some new fans. From the sounds of this album, I can’t imagine them not winning over the hearts of a few jaded souls. This album is well played, well produced and they have great label supporting them. I may have to go see them if they come stateside again.

If you can speak or at least understand Spanish, then you might want to check this band out. As a Power Metal release, it is very solid, but since I cannot understand the lyrics it would be very unfair for me to rate them less than they deserve. So there will be no rating, but don’t let that fool you. It doesn’t mean it isn’t good, because it is.

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  1. Caminos De Fuego
  2. La Leyenda Del Holandes Errante
  3. Reina De Egipto
  4. Arde Babilonia
  5. Libre
  6. Ejercitos De Las Tinieblas
  7. Para Siempre
  8. La Voz Del Destino
  9. El Fin De Los Dias
  10. Eterna Y Sagrada
Angel San Juan - Vocals, Guitar
Arturo Morras - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Roberto Gonzalo - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mike G. Otamendi - Keyboards
David Karrika - Drums
Record Label: Maldito Records


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