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Tierra Santa - Rumbo A Las Estrellas (CD)

Tierra Santa
Rumbo A Las Estrellas
by Grigoris Chronis at 25 November 2006, 8:55 AM

The Spanish Metal warriors unleash their latest DVD release, a notable audio/visual effort that stands proud in parallel to their - anyway - good (so far) discography. Few people are keen on (or aware of) Spanish Metal all these years, but Tierra Santa (along with 80's Metal monsters such as Baron Rojo, Muro and Angeles Del Infierno) are a great motive to show some interest in this country's contribution to Metal music.
The main feature of this DVD release is mentioned to refer to the band's appearance at the Lorca Rock 2004 festival (held in Spain). Still, I had the chance to do a little bit of a survey and discovered that no Tierra Santa was at that year's festival billing; 2003 was the year the band participated at this event. Anyway (misprint, maybe?), Rumbo A Las Estrellas sees the band presenting live six tracks in great mood (call it 'home is where the heart is'), supported by a fine sound and a warm - overall - reaction from the crowd. Hamlet, Indomable and Las Walkirias come off 2003's Indomable album while Juana De Arco and La Sombra De La Bestia origin from 2001's Sangre De Reyes grand release.
The musicianship is great, plus Angel's vocals ride the sky with both harmony and roughness. The leads mark some great tunes - whoever has occupied himself with this band in prior, knows what to expect - and the 'classic' Tierra Santa encore is received with grand applause from the non-stop-singing-audience. The keyboards add a good atmosphere, even if - in the audition of the DVD release - do 'omit' some of the guitars' harshness; still, nothing disappointing.
The band's two promo videos - Rumbo A Las Estrellas comes off 2004's Apocalipsis release while El Canto De Las Sirenas is featured in the Indomable album - are of great quality but (somehow) average 'shooting'. Still, the tunes are good enough to overcome this obstacle. I dunno if this DVD disc is/was released separately from a normal CD issue (no info did we get from the promo copy); it may be a little bit 'poor' in its contents, but - in terms of music - once again proves what a 'honest' band Tierra Santa is. Take your time to check 'em out if you're into the Maiden-influenced melodic Euro Metal sound.

3 Star Rating

Hamlet (Live)
Indomable (Live)
Juana De Arco (Live)
Las Walkirias (Live)
La Sombra De La Bestia (Live)
Tierra Santa (Live)
Rumbo A Las Estrellas (Video Clip)
El Canto De Las Sirenas (Video Clip)
Record Label: Locomotive Records


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