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Tigerpunch - Fight Of Your Life

Fight Of Your Life
by Luke Bravin at 27 September 2014, 5:37 PM

TIGERPUNCH, the greatest word ever uttered!” So, the band name, along with their humorous bio and tiger onesie wearing, tells me these guys don’t exactly take themselves seriously, which is one thing I love about some bands. Obviously, there are times when you’ve got to be a little serious, but on the most part, pissing about and having a bit of fun is the way to go.

TIGERPUNCH have been going since early 2013 after a conversation between bassist, Jay and Singer/Guitarist, Rich, about Kung Fu Panda, and becoming a Pokemon master; I guess all bands have some story behind how they started.

Their new EP, “Fight Of Your Life” is a Rocking, Grooving release inspired by the likes of AUDIOSLAVE, FOO FIGHTERS, and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and is the band’s first official release.

This EP was sort of enjoyable but would be far more enjoyable if I were a fan of Groove Rock, not that I’m criticising the band on that, but I’m going to have to give my honest opinion. As I said, it was sort of enjoyable, but not the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. Hmmm… I might be being a little too critical.

The EP is very different to the majority of Rock that I’ve listened to, and I like different, different it good. It brings a very gritty sound and style to Rock and it’s filled with heavy, energetic riffs, thumping drums and basslines, with vocals filled with anger and energy. I have a strong feeling the band enjoy performing these songs.

My favourite song would be “Blonde” because of the creepy intro and sudden, heavy kick into the song, along with an excellent guitar hook in the verses, and lyrical hook in the chorus. Also, “My Pet, Hate” was a decent track but the rest of the EP was pretty weak in terms of song writing.

On the whole, the EP had some great energy, but some much needed improvement when it comes to song writing, and perhaps singing too. But as far as first releases go, it was pretty good, especially the production and as you can tell from reading this entire review, I have mixed feelings about this EP, because I didn’t really like it but I’m trying to not be too critical. So, all I can say is, give it a listen and see what you think.

2 Star Rating

1. My Pet, Hate
2. Blonde
3. I Am Alive
4. Takedown the Bull
5. Serve the Freakshow
Rich Reynolds - Guitar & Vocals
Jay Wolfwood - Bass
Russell Latham – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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