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Tiles - Fly Paper (CD)

Fly Paper
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 23 June 2008, 11:22 AM

Since I am not an expert on the Progressive Metal scene TILES is something new for me and actually this review was the reason to meet them. So, I learned that this band hails from Detroit, Michigan and has made the debut entry to their back catalogue in 1994 with the homonymous album.
After a couple of CD spins I realized that the term Progressive Metal does not really apply to Paper Fly. I am not talking about the 'Progressive' part but for the 'Metal' one; indeed the band has strong Rock foundations with some distinct RUSH influences to go with. The song structure is kind of complicated with many tempo changes and several melodic patterns but they don't sound in any way overloaded. Just like the opening track Hide In My Shadow where the main guitar melody keeps the listener focused and guides him through the different music patterns that appear and grow during the audition. The album flows smoothly without surprises and this is a downside if you are a die-hard Progressive Metal/Rock fan. Of course I am referring to the fans of the current Progressive Metal scene that I believe has lost track and has become way too complicated for my ears.
Of course, the album needs additional spins in your CD player to grow and mature in your mind. If you follow this process then you will discover some PINK FLOYD elements scattered every where, like in Markers, some DREAM THEATER touches in the vocals and the definitely RUSH feeling. The band manages to keep the listener's attention and interest during the eight minutes of Dragons, Dreams, & Daring Deeds and Hide & Seek that comprises an excellent Blues meets Jazz guitar solo.
I think TILES have created an album that will remind to some of us that Progressive Metal is about making music for the shake of music and not for showing of one's musical high skills. Personally, I have to give the band some additional credit because they managed to keep me interested despite the fact I have stopped following this scene for the last eight years or so.


3 Star Rating

Hide In My Shadow
Sacred & Mundane
Back & Forth
Gragons, Dreams, & Daring Deeds
Crowded Emptiness
Hide & Seek
Paul Rarick - Vocals
Chris Herin - Guitars, Keyboards
Jeff Whittle - Bass
Mark Evans - Drums
Record Label: Insideout Music


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