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Tim Bowness – Stupid Things That Mean The World

Tim Bowness
Stupid Things That Mean The World
by Te Hao Boon at 14 August 2015, 11:31 PM

I embrace all genres of music, as long as they intrigue me. Art Rock has some really interesting and experimental musicians. However, this Indie/Art Rock album just can’t capture my attention due to its lacklustre singing.

Starting with the positive, “Sing to Me” is a really beautiful and soothing song. Slow with simple piano chords and guitar playing. It sounds like something that can be played for a wedding dance. I love how airy the horns were, it really lifted up the energy of the track and making it grander. This is a great song to sing to your partner, you’ll definitely win her heart over (as long as you have a decent voice).

A big problem I have is just how I can’t into the singer’s voice. It just sounds generic and breathy. TIM BOWNESS generally just sings with the same tone and limited range, and with the quality of voice, nothing really catches my attention. There is nothing about his half-talk, half-singing style that get me interested enough to pay attention to the lyrics. For example, in “Know That You Were Loved” I was much more intrigued by the backing vocals, despite the fact they were only in the song for a short period.

There is a general sense of comfort and melancholy, as though you are used to be alone, however with the voice, I was just paying attention to the lyrics that might add to a stronger atmosphere. Thankfully, the arrangements in tracks such as “Know That You Were Loved” are really strong and the music can be very hypnotic and soulful at times. Also, the drumming in “Press Reset” was on point, it was sharp and it got my attention. Sadly, it was mastered relatively softly, I would have preferred it to be much louder in this track as it is probably the only thing I liked in the track.

To be honest, I can’t finish this album in one sitting. Or two. Or seven. In fact, if not for this review, I would not have listened through this album. But I did, and I did not enjoy it. It is a very sparse album with decent instrumentation. But for an album that is so sparse, the singer just could not capture my attention. Neither were the lyrics particularly interesting. It is basically an Indie/Prog-Rock album that is moody but doesn’t have the energy to match it.

2 Star Rating

1. The Great Electric Teenage Dream (04:00)
2. Sing To Me (05:50)
3. Where You’ve Always Been (04:12)
4. Stupid Things That Mean The World (03:08)
5. Know That You Were Loved (06:54)
6. Press Reset (04:07)
7. All These Escapes (03:13)
8. Everything You're Not (
9. Everything But You
10. Soft William
11. At The End Of The Holiday
Tim Bowness
Michael Bearpark
Stephen Bennett
Andrew Booker
Colin Edwin
Bruce Soord
Record Label: InsideOut Music


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Edited 08 December 2021

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