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Time Has Come - The Bleeding

Time Has Come
The Bleeding
by Calen Nesten at 06 August 2014, 2:39 PM

TIME HAS COME released “The Bleeding” on February 14th of 2014, the Valentines Day release is perfect timing for the terrifying love story that unfolds throughout the course of the album. Each track on “The Bleeding” is a portion of a seriously fucked up ‘boy meets girl’ type of story involving anger, contempt and bleeding head wounds. The story kicks off with “Blood Diamond” which seems to be about the couple falling in love and slowly realizing the woman is manipulating the man causing him to become resentful, comparing the woman’s beauty to that of a blood diamond, something coveted and beautiful until the realization that it is a product of violence and manipulation.

Each track is more hostile than the last with the exception of “The Birth”, which serves as an ominous instrumental bridge that separates the album into two distinct sections. The first half shows the damages a toxic relationship can have on someone’s mind, dark thoughts of revenge and murder becoming an obsession that eventually explode during the album’s second half. The remaining four tracks concentrate less on thoughts and more on the actions produced by them. “Submissive (Like a Dog)” and “Without or With You” conclude the album with two disturbing tracks which complete the damaged love storyline with “Submissive” featuring a sound bite of a news story about a man assaulting a woman with a knife and cutting her face, a door creaking and some ominous shuffling noises that creep into the background. “Without or With You” begins with a recording of the same situation from the perspective of the woman making a 911 call, a seriously sinister track to tie the whole thing together.

TIME HAS COME paints a yet gruesomely poetic picture through violent, misanthropic lyrics and heavy, technical guitar work backed by some awesome but subtle synth work that blends seamlessly into the rest of the instrumentation. “The Bleeding” is a promising glimpse into the rest of TIME HAS COME’s angst driven career.

2 Star Rating

1. Blood Diamond
2. Dark Passenger
3. Kings of the Night
4. I’m the Abyss
5. The Birth
6. The Colour of Love
7. A Made Man
8. Wrapped in Plastic
9. Submissive (Like a Dog)
10. Without or With You
ennis Kayzer
Chase Cypka
Nils Bardowicks
Sören Teckenburg
Adam Laskowsk

No instruments Listed
Record Label: Independent


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