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Time Rift - Eternal Rock Award winner

Time Rift
Eternal Rock
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 29 October 2020, 2:32 AM

In the USA, there’s a kind of fragment of Old School Metal attack that is arising now. It’s formed by bands with a classic vision into Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, playing in a crude and energetic way, but even sounding outdated, they’re extremely good. It’s the case from the Portland based trio TIME RIFT, as can be heard on their latest release, “Eternal Rock”, their first full length.

The band uses an Old School outfit to create a crude and rough musical work, as the older North American bands from the early days of the 80’s. It can sound as a traditional Heavy Metal band using a Stoner Rock insight sometimes, or even a Hard Rock set in a raw form. Their music has these two aspects, so the best is to deal with them (like physicists deal with wave-particle duality), and you won’t regret the experience, because even being far from being something new, it’s massive, heavy, and with a great set of melodies. And what a crude and tender energy that flows from this album, a personal blend between AC/DC and MOTÖRHEAD influences.

C. Koryn worked on the recording and mixing, and Brad Boatright did the mastering of “Eternal Rock”. The crude sensation of their musical work exists on the recordings as well, something usual and simple, in a way that seems as they used the modern technologies to create a defined and clean sound quality, but it seems as the band entered the studio and recorded a rehearsal (even the rhythm guitars under the solos are absent). And it works as it is presented to our ears.

Organic and full of energy, all their songs are great. But for a first time on the trio’s work, the strong and crude set of melodies of “Eternal Rock” (very good chorus and bass guitar parts), the rude, hot ‘n’ heavy Metal approach of “Fight for Your Love” and of “Hooks in You” (this one has a great drumming, and a strong influence from LED ZEPPELIN in some moments), the short and savage “Better than Life” (another very good set of guitar riffs, and fine vocals), and the catchy energy that flows from “Fire in Her Eyes” are their best songs for an introduction.

With such good work shown on “Eternal Rock”, the question that lasts in the end of all is why TIME RIFT isn’t signed to any label? They’re wasting a great band!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Eternal Rock
2. Fight for Your Love
3. Hooks in You
4. Magic Bullet
5. Better than Life
6. Starcrossed
7. Fire in Her Eyes
8. Another Name
Justin Kaye - Guitars, Vocals
Levi Campbell - Bass
Terrica Kleinknecht - Drums
Record Label: Dying Victim Productions


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