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Time Symmetry - Fate In Grey (CD)

Time Symmetry
Fate In Grey
by Michael Dalakos at 10 July 2006, 3:25 AM

Spain is mostly known for its traditional Metal acts. Though some acts from that country have managed to build an international reputation (Dark Moor, Arwen etc.), the majority of the scene is stuck stubbornly within the tights if the country's borders. Another interesting fact is that Spain still spawns bands singing in their native language. So I was pretty confident about the content of the envelope sent to me by Time Symmetry. I was expecting another Iron Maiden / Helloween type of a band with best case scenario at least to understand what their singer was saying.
Well, for sure I can tell you that Time Symmetry has nothing to do with the bands I mentioned above. The act delivers a very interesting mix of Power / Progressive Metal. So what does this band bring in mind? It took me a while to put everything in order. A Mediterranean band playing Power / Progressive Metal, having a quite melodic singer on board, always injecting traditional / folk parts into their music and also having a saxophone in one of their songs. Does all this ring any bell in your mind? Not really? Too bad…
Those who know that Progressive Metal is not only a gazillion notes performed with mathematics but also random order have probably found the solution to the above equation already. Time Machine! Yes sir, this act brings in mind - like no other has ever done in the past - the quite introvert band from Italy that stunned everyone with cult albums like Act II and has now found a little brother in Spain. Though there are so many similarities between those two acts (some of them mentioned above), the most important similarity is the vibe deriving from Time Symmetry's music and the impression that the band is not simply playing music but rather crafting higher art.
All these can simply be in my mind, a mind trying hard to find some really interesting acts in the saturated genre of Progressive Metal. I strongly advise all my friends who'll read this review to start searching for young acts able to boost the genre once again and stop buying blindly every crap the known progressive label releases. This label I'm talking about has managed to make my stomach turn inside out with its crappy releases, if you know what I'm saying.
Time Symmetry has a long road ahead, the road that leads to perfection. My guess is that they will never become huge or even big. They will simply be forever beloved by a small group of diehard fans of art. Are you one of them?

4 Star Rating

The Game
When The Voice Is Gone
Cold Morning Train
Woman From Loneliness
Alone He Wanders
The Portrait
Sibyl Dane
David Rubio - Lead Vocals, Guitars & Percussion
Jorge Velasco - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jesus Franco - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Jorge Moya - Bass
Alejandro Martinez - Drums
Record Label: Self Released


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