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Timeless Rage – Untold

Timeless Rage
by Thomas Kumke at 23 January 2022, 9:47 PM

TIMELESS RAGE were formed in 2007 and they are from Villingen, Germany. They are a symphonic Power Metal band. After having released one EP, “Untold” is the debut full-length album of the band. It has a length of about 44 minutes and it was released via German label Metalapolis Records which has a number of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands among their roster.

TIMELESS RAGE needed a long time to finish the first full-length album after the release of the debut EP “Forecast” in 2013. The band underwent a number of line-up changes over the years and with the addition of vocalist Frank Breuninger (DARK SKY), TIMELESS RAGE achieved the stability which is needed to focus on writing music and releasing albums. “Untold” combines the drive and dynamics of Power Metal with the melodies and the arrangements of symphonic Metal. “Far From Home” gives some first impression of the album sound: after a string-driven intro, the song starts with heavy and powerful guitar riffing at head-banging mid-tempo rhythm. The melodies are catchy with anthem-like choruses. The vocals are harsh, Frank Breuninger delivers traditional Heavy Metal vocals which are around the medium end of the vocal range for most of the time.

Disunity” is a bit faster with more traditional Power Metal elements like the signature double-bass drumming, as well as epic melodies. The symphonic arrangements are more prominent in “Disunity” compare to the opener with some distinct sequences, but the track is clearly driven by the guitars and the drumming. The title song continues with the same rhythm established in “Disunity”, also the song textures and arrangements are similar. Highlight is an extended lead guitar solo during the middle part of the track. I like the way how the symphonic arrangements are structured in both songs and how they contribute to the tracks. They are not dominant, they are not very bombastic, but they are prominent when needed. It reminds me on the way, DELAIN arrange their songs. “Resurrection” sounds a bit darker with powerful guitar riffing. One feature of the TIMELESS RAGE sound are the sing-along choruses in every track, but it is in particular notable in “Resurrection”.

Ocean Highlight” is a softer song compared to the faster Power Metal songs before. It is a mid-tempo song with a few piano-driven sequences and the melodies contain some traditional classical themes. A focal point in “Ocean Highlight” is beside the piano, the lead guitar. “Piece Of Heaven” returns to the fast Power Metal approach with tight guitar riffing, plenty of double-bass drumming, and cool melodies during the chorus section. The strings and brass have valuable contributions particularly during the middle part and they are leading the track. “2 Elements” is a bit slower than “Piece Of Heaven”. It is a solid Power Metal song, but cannot really keep up with the rest of the album. “Warrior” is the album closer and TIMELESS RAGE finish on a high. “Warrior” is excellent Power Metal with underlying symphonic components. Guitars, bass, and drums are the leading instruments driving the track forward and the orchestral arrangements deliver support when it fits. The lead guitar solo is once again the highlight of the track. “Warrior” was released as lyric video and the YouTube link is given below.

Untold” is a good debut album. TIMELESS RAGE delivers a mixture of the very best of Power Metal and the very best of symphonic Metal elements and this mixture is working. The symphonic arrangements are not dominant and the sound is not bombastic, so that the Power Metal elements are at full swing on the album. Both parts do not contain something new and TIMELESS RAGE certainly do not reinvent the wheel with their sound, but the way how they arrange it, is promising. The album is well produced. Fans of Power Metal and symphonic Metal will like what they hear and hopefully it does not take a very long time for TIMELESS RAGE to release more new music.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  7
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Far From Home
2. Disunity
3. Untold
4. Resurrection
5. Ocean Highlight
6. Piece Of Heaven
7. 2 Elements
8. Warrior
Frank Breuninger – Vocals
Michael Benk – Guitars, Vocals
Christian Pirch ­ Guitars
Klaus Buchfink – Drums, Vocals
Matthias Dold – Bass, Vocals
Anna Keil – Keyboards, Vocals
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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