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Timescale - Axiom

by Craig Rider at 17 January 2021, 3:58 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TIMESCAPE; independently unsigned, hailing from international lands from Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, California and the U.S - on their debut album entitled: “Axiom” (released November 4th, 2020).

Since formation in 2018; the trio in question have a Single entitled: “The River Flows”  (released April 7th, 2019), 2 EPs entitled: “Fortress Of The Mind” (released June 28th, 2019) and “Flows Of The Mind” (released February 13th, 2020) and this here debut album entitled: “Axiom”. 9 tracks ranging at around 32:49; TIMESCAPE arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Heavy/Power Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with this majestic yet orchestral excerpt featuring violins & pianos, this flamboyant hymn with the "Edge Of The Storm'' unleashes this revelling rhythm of riveting remedy. Melodious harmonies articulate a borderline foundation on some thunderous slabs of solid weight & tight punchiness, while this symphonic opera trailblazes with skyrocketing panache which steamrolls with progressively technical momentum. Executing a chiselling element on rollicking shreds, utilizing this vehement skill on versatile songwriting musicianship that romps up with rampant yet meticulous manifestations on organically wild substance…while unearthing this otherworldly presence on mesmerising yet psychedelic ramifications that put this jumpy twist on some mellifluous transitions on euphonic heaviness intertwined with the creative exhilarations on tuneful craftsmanship ability.

Consisting of Leonel Silva on vocals; the frontman excels at a clean but high-pitched yell that shouts with strong but fine classiness, a hint of rough shrieks outrè this epic boundary that will immerse eardrums with spellbinding contrast. "Come With Me" begins with this keyboard enchantment demonstrating a catchy dynamic on quintessential virtuosity, while dexterously dynamic rips from guitarist Cleiton Modesto shreds with monolithic tempos & tempestuous firepower expertise in which showcases chunky diversity in complexly boisterous bounciness as it intrudes you with hypnotising impact. "Only The Fools" experiments in forging a hybrid calamity in a kind of jazzy musicality where the constructive instrumentation varies with uniquely quirky systematics while rapidly swift nimbleness surges with sulphurous distinctives in distributing frolicking finesse and an empowering embodiment in fluidly polished persistences that perseveres with immersive diligence and detailed skill.

Hammering drummer Nicolas Humeniuk batters his set with steely and stompy precision, choppy crunchiness piledrives with rambunctious pounds that pummel this mighty spectrum on thudding sturdiness juxtaposed with the vibrantly potent synergies the band deliver. "What They Say" captivates a catchy conundrum in killer laceration flexibility, and a fundamental snappiness on groovy pursuits that strike with salubriously zestful resonance – one of the memorable rockers on shuddering vigor & utmost upbeat radiance that will keep you interested as well as intrigued tenfold. "Leave It All Behind" integrates more of those keyboard elements from Ariel Perchuk who profusely makes use of those robust effects in complexly adventurous but ambitious and passionate professionalism that will blast a bewitching absorbent in elegantly exquisite enthrallment in gripping fretwork sophistication.

"Creeps" continues conjuring a healthy dose of some speedy haste as belting bruisers harness a silvery tradition on rhythmic complexion in scorching lyrical content, and a sweet-toned round that will have one hum or singalong to those pleasantly pleasing tones in no time…while "Still Alive" methodically oscillates with more jingles that will take your breath away with its ravishing roundhouse of fascinating grips and enthralling brilliance in inventive hooks in which trials with momentous thrills. The penultimate track: "Queen Of Nevermore" operates this dramatic flair in vibrato virtuoso qualities that bestows a wildly rushing yet razor-sharp visionary on imaginative adaptations in which merges this mastermind representation on stage-like but conceptual performances on remarkably phenomenal storytelling talent & with potential maelstrom proficiency.

Overall concluding "Axiom" with the not so heavy ending: "Motherearth" that inputs less high-octane emotion which perplexes you with this more operatic approach in symphonious systematics on an acoustic-keyboardist anthem of ballad-esquire spellbinds - the bottom line here is that TIMESCALE certainly outdone themselves with this Heavy/Power Metal sub-genre of an offering. This typical debut could have been longer for such a determined but pioneering recording on marvellous splendidness, they however get a huge pass with their enthusiastic drives in striving gravitational leaps that portrays an exceptional amount of some organic significance that most certainly deserves discovering. An enjoyably entertaining piece of art, in which makes me look forward to what they have stored for their next project! Definitely give it a go, it's a worthy spin.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Edge Of The Storm
2. Come With Me
3. Only The Fools
4. What They Say
5. Leave It All Behind
6. Creeps
7. Still Alive
8. Queen Of Nevermore
9. Motherearth
Nicolas Humeniuk - Drums
Cleiton Modesto - Guitars
Leonel Silva - Vocals
Ariel Perchuk - Keys
Record Label: Independent


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