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Titan’s Eve – Chasing The Devil

Titan’s Eve
Chasing The Devil
by Andrew Sifari at 16 July 2015, 8:26 AM

Hailing from Vancouver, TITAN’S EVE are a four-piece band committed to the cause of all things heavy. Three years after their previous release “Life Apocalypse”, the band return with yet another slab of working man’s Metal, 2015’s “Chasing The Devil”.

The band is headed by brothers Brian and Kyle Gamblin, who share both guitar and vocal duties on the album. Musically, the album is mostly straightforward, comprised of defiant, aggressive rockers that blend elements of everything from Death and Thrash, to NWOBHM, and classic Rock/Metal. In this way, it’s very much a melting pot, which is great because it helps keep things fresh throughout. The band sound equally at home busting out the occasional IRON MAIDEN-esque guitar harmonies as they do playing fast, chugging riffs with huge double bass drums behind them.

Melody is, or course, a key pillar of the band’s sound, especially with the contrast created by Brian Gamblin’s roaring vocals. After several close, repeat listens, it’s still hard for me to tell if the vocals are a bit reverb-heavy or if they actually just use a lot of gang-shouts throughout; while it often helps give the music an intense, crowded feeling, it tends to get old after a while, especially since there’s very little change from song to song in this way.

That being said, “Chasing The Devil” is far from short on excitement. The leads on the album make up for the relative simplicity of the riffs (as far as today’s standards go, anyway), shredding hard and giving even more momentum to already-raging anthems like “We Defy” and “War Path”. Other songs like “Another Day” and “The Endless Light” put their (collective) foot on the gas pedal as they go, and the results are often quite thrilling in terms of sheer metallic intensity, as the band’s noticeable enthusiasm usually sees them through.

TITAN’S EVE do a solid job mixing everything that’s fun about Heavy Metal into one, succinct package with “Chasing The Devil”. They stay active and energetic the whole way through, and their solid writing chops keep it from feeling like just another Metal hodgepodge album. Recommended for fans of Metal in general, as well as similar genre-blend bands like BATTLECROSS.

3 Star Rating

1. We Defy
2. War Path
3. No Kingdom
4. Another Day
5. Chasing The Devil
6. The Grind
7. Stranded
8. The Endless Light
Jesse Hord – Bass
Casey Ory – Drums
Brian Gamblin – Guitars, Lead Vocals
Kyle Gamblin – Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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