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Titan - Titan (Reissue)

Titan (Reissue)
by Mark Sworder at 15 July 2015, 10:32 PM

TITAN is a band that seems to be somewhat of an enigma - it's very hard to find any references to them online. However, enough digging reveals that the self-titled album, "Titan", was originally released in 1986, with a live album following in 1988. This reissued version of their self-titled record contains all the tracks from the original album, in addition to the bonus of a collection of live versions.

The apparent lack of a following that TITAN has quickly becomes irrelevant though, once you hit the play button. Opener "G.I's Heritage" is a frantic, powerful track, with constantly pounding rhythms and an aggressive vocal attack. The band's style and sound is similar to older ACCEPT records, albeit with slightly faster, thrash influenced drum beats and energy creeping in, and without some of the neo classical shredding that Wolf Hoffman tends to favour. The vocals in particular sound eerily like those of Udo Dirkschneider, just primarily in French rather than English. On this front, it's so refreshing to hear a European band that don't give in to writing songs in English just to reach a wider market, although there's still plenty of hook lines to sing along with!

The whole album is remarkably consistent, with a solid, authentic production that sounds of its time. Riffs and rhythms are unrelenting, melodic solos compliment the harsher nature of the vocal attack brilliantly, and the songs are all written and structured with aplomb, with no idea ever feeling overdone. It's an intense 35 minutes to say the least!

French is usually considered a language of romance, but TITAN prove that it's just as effective when used to kick your ass, get you going and basically just rock out! With their heavy, bombastic and frantic style, the band deliver an album that never takes its foot off the gas! Basically, TITAN have that most important of qualities in a band - they feel 100 percent true to themselves and their influences, and are a whole lot of fun to boot!

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. G.I's Heritage
3. L'Irlande Au Coeur
4. Ultimatum
5. Black Power
6. La Loi Du Metal
7. Enfant De La Guerre
8. Damien
9. Popeye Le Road
10. G.I's Heritage (live bonus track)
11. La Loi Du Metal (live bonus track)
12. L'Irlande Au Coeur (live bonus track)
13. Ultimatum (live bonus track)
14. Popeye Le Road (live bonus track)
Pierre Paul - Bass
Michel Camiade - Drums
Sebastien Blanc - Guitar
Didier Deboffe - Guitar
Patrice Le Calvez - Vocals
Record Label: No Remorse Records


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