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Titan Force - Titan Force (CD)

Titan Force
Titan Force
by Grigoris Chronis at 10 September 2006, 7:41 AM

I should not waste more than a couple of paragraphs for this molten US Metal gem, but it's year 2006 - seventeen whole years since this album's original release - and many juvenile Metal maniacs have been added to the hordes of the mystified to the grand metallic sound of the 80s. So, open your eyes and read the following lines.
This Denver, Colorado, USA quintet - led by the three Flores brothers - was initially 'shaped' as Titan. Under this moniker, they recorded a four-track demo as a trio; Bill Richardson joined the band's ranks shortly afterwards. In the local Colorado area, the quintet once opened for - among others - grand Metal gods Jag Panzer. The connection with his majesty Harry Tyrant Conklin had just begun. After Conklin's temporary departure (?) from Jag Panzer - and after he'd sang on the Satan's Host Metal From Hellsole album in 1986 - the band approached him to offer the main singer's role. Thus, with Conklin's addition the name was 'lengthened' and Titan Force was born. Two demo tapes were recorded and it was a matter of time for someone to take notice of 'em. Germany's US Metal Records boss Axel Thubeauville (a living legend for the German Metal scene of the 80s) signed the band and in 1989 it was time for the debut effort to hit the stores.
To cut a long story short: from the opening riff of Chase Your Dreams till the 'pounding' ending of Fool On The Run there's not a single moment that this album will betray your anticipation, if you're 'into' American Heavy Metal. The matchless vocals of Conklin may - initially - be the 'ace' of the band but the music itself is of equal supremacy. Sharp yet melodic/harmonic guitars with lots of excellent leads and 'spirited' riffing is what the Mario Flores/Bill Richardson duo offers, while the rhythm section is solid as a rock providing the perfect background for the guitar 'walls' to be built while Harry Tyrant unveils his unique charisma of mixing the sharpness of classic Heavy Metal harmonies with the narrative of what many labeled as 'Epic Metal' in the US. The music follows the same formula: one foot in the 'traditional' American Metal sound with the other foot 'clicking an eye' to more technical songwriting (what many now refer to as 'progressive'…).
Fans of the Jag Panzer discography will adore this album. It is weird enough that after Jag Panzer were reformed - 1994? - they followed a path/sound similar to the one of Titan Force. Added in this re-release are six bonus tracks, two from their 1988 demo and two from the 1994 demo recorded in search of a new home (more in the band's sophomore release Winner/Loser respective review). The 'normal' album itself makes - anyway - the purchase essential for the one that does not so far have Titan Force in his/her collection. A piece of thriving American Metal history is now available in CD; make no mistakes. You can't let it go.

4 Star Rating

Chase Your Dreams
Master Of Disguise
Lord Desire
Toll Of Pain
Will' O Wisp
Blaze Of Glory
Wings Of Rage
New Age Rebels
Fool On The Run
Chase Your Dreams (Demo '88)
Blaze Of Glory (Demo '88)
Master Of Disguise (Demo '88)
Fool On The Run (Demo '88)
Bright Red (Demo '94)
Wrong Side In (Demo '88)
Harry Conklin - Vocals
Mario Flores - Guitar
Bill Richardson - Guitars/Keyboards
John Flores - Bass
Stefan Flores - Drums
Record Label: Sonic Age Records


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