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by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 03 July 2011, 8:57 PM

Here we got a blast from the past. Near the end of the 80s, while the Sunset Strip Glam Metal bands swept L.A., straight out of Memphis, Tennessee, this is a shot of some Bluesy Hard Rock by TNA. If I have to describe TNA in a single word I would definitely put my money on the likes of TESLA. It is amazing how vocalist Jefrey Harr sounded just like TESLA's Jeff Kith's unique voice.

TNA brought the good old Blues infused Hard Rock that everybody probably already tasted from bands such as TESLA and TORA TORA with their southern sound and amazing lead & rhythm guitars work. Right from the first shot, TNA gave something for a little Sunday drive with the hard rocking riff of their first track "Night Long". If you like your Hard Rock tight, tough and strong this is the right song set you to a Rocking mood.

"Don't look back" represented in the best possible way the western Redneck style of TNA. It has that Country lick throughout the entire song alongside the Bluesy Hard Rock drive rhythm. Up until then it seemed that this album got everything from everything. the next track "Hard Way" showed that TNA can surely make you to bang your head with a fast Hard N' Heavy song screaming with a melodic wild solo that reminded me of the playing style of Michael Kelly Smith, BRITNEY FOX's guitarist.

The ballad "It's Over" was a symbol of the band's different side. The softer side of TNA seemed to be so emotional as Jefrey Harr's voice inserted another dimension to the song. After that track, it was a different production setting from "It's Over" till the rest of the album as those tracks were recorded in a different time. "Don't Come Easy" has a cool groovy style but it seemed that it was hard for TNA to break away from the TESLA style. The drums' sound was chosen wisely as it was very enormous and it was a great opportunity to hear an interesting drum beats breaking.

Essentially, the guitar work on this album was amazing. Here you would be able to listen to a Funk mix with blues, spiced with little bit Country when everything leads to a Hard Rock album. This album is rocking straight to the top but on the other hand I got the feeling that I already heard it before. If you are looking for some good old Hard Rock with a huge touch of Blues to bang your head  - TNA  is the right answer.

3 Star Rating

1. All Nite Long
2. Bump & Grind
3. Dirty Love
4. Don't Fade Away
5. Don't Look Back
6. Hard Way
7. I'm Already Gone
8. It's Over
9. Just Another Day
10. It Don't Come Easy
11. Take A Walk
12. You Cried Wolf
Jefrey Harr- Lead Vocals
Randi-Mike Field - Guitars
Wayne Swinny - Guitars
Eric Lewis - Guitars
Kelly McDonald - Bass
Michael Gumm - Bass
Eddie Matlock - Drums
Record Label: Eonian Records


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