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TNT - Atlantis (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 04 November 2008, 12:35 PM

I cannot get the state-of-Rock TNT is since they decided to have Tony Mills behind the mic. OK, it's the artist's will to do what he wants to do with his music, but - kinda weird - I thought the Mills addition would push the Norwegian act to more high-pitched extraordinaire Scandinavian 'personal' Hard Rock. Would not comment on 2007's The New Territory release; whoever's aware of the Mills-debuted album can recall the stun.
Needless to say, things did get kinda bizarre with TNT's music since 2003's Taste EP (or even sooner) and for old-school fans of the Trondheim-based quartet it was something more than a question and something less than a verdict regarding the connection of TNT with the all-adored days of Intuition, 10,000 Lovers, Listen To Your Heart and Everyone's A Star. Long gone those days are now, since TNT  (especially after original singer Tony Harnell - from America - left to pursue a new career with STARBREAKER) has decided to make an even more dodgy turn to more…let's say…
…garage/hard/pop/70s/new/Rock music?!? Phewww…you surely have to listen to both The New Territory and Atlantis albums to get a clear picture. As regards Atlantis, in specific, it does demonstrate few things in hardrockin' melodies - if any - while it boasts an artistic 70s aura transcribed to modern sound patterns, even alienating initially assumed vocal lines. Really, I cannot get the purpose of Atlantis's conceptual songwriting basis. Some songs have a 'free spirit' plain playing vibe, with not any descent volume in the guitar/rhythm section parts, while there's a bunch of songs that reminds me of some British pre-New Wave vagabonds trying to be 'musical' in music arrangements. Thankfully, there's some intriguing stuff that denotes there's room for well-crafted and interesting - for our genres' likes, always - pieces but that should not save the day for the general (again) pale appearance of Atlantis.
I think Tony Mills (the impressive voice behind my beloved SHY) takes his chances with his own influences in TNT now. Ronni Le Tekro has gone '70s space truckin'wizard' and Mills carries a Hunter/Bowie/Fish mask that's not - of course - exceeding his own unlimited skills. OK, then what about Atlantis? Well, are you that loyal to TNT?

2 Star Rating

Hello, Hello
Peter Sellers Blues
Baby's Got Rhythm
Tango Girl
Me And Dad
The Taste of Honey
Bottle of Wine
The Missing Kind
Love of My life
Had It, Lost It, Found It
Substitute (Live) (Bonus)
Ronni Le Tekro - Guitars
Tony Mills - Vocals
Diesel Dahl - Drums
Victor Borge - Bass
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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