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To/Die/For – Cult

by Lior “Steinmetal” Stein at 10 July 2015, 8:13 PM

As the body trembles by the sight of a cloud of grey approaching, setting a motion towards a future to be called unknown. Then it twists around, battling, shelving a sorrowful outcome, creating a scenery, enchanted with a tune of distorted bleakness. The Finnish Gothic Metal performer, TO/DIE/FOR, following years since the last time I listened to their "Wounds Wide Open" album, reappeared in my shortlist. Sure I might have missed their last two previous releases, but thankfully, with the birth of "Cult", via  Massacre Records, nothing truly changed therefore I was fortunate to not missing that much. It has been almost half a decade since their previous album, and molten, heart splitting agony continues, chanting and praising the most darkest of emotions, right there in the cold air.

I have always captured TO/DIE/FOR as the murkier end of rather Popish Finnish acts of what was referred to as Love Metal by the known H.I.M or the later acts such as the ENTWINE, which also in their hey days explored the depth of regret and negative emotions in such a manner that might have retained a Metal sense yet also in an inviting dressing. With the presentation of "Cult", it would seem that TO/DIE/FOR trace the steps of the mentioned acts, attributing elements of Pop and contemporary Rock signatures, which also quite resembled the late SENTENCED. In comparison to their past creations till "Wounds Wide Open", these guys have been catchy for sure, yet I believe that the "Cult" album took an even nicer and niftier turn of being touchy and emotionally provoking. Of course a dosage of tedious, Ill mannered Pop / Rock crave has never been a sin and the Finnish took care of that.

Musically, it also sounded simpler, melodic and heavenly spiritual. It banged a few heads with "Screaming Birds", bone crushing "You" and "Let It Bleed" but soared it's way to fragility with the appearance of "Unknown III" and the everlasting "End OF Tears" that swallowed like an endless sea unveiling it's mysterious of fortunes. Although serving a melodic platter, which equaled a few PARADISE LOST examples of the mid to late 90s, I wanted more and less of some of the stillness that came out lashing here and there. Furthermore, the sort of twin guitaring soothed them good, yet the keyboards sampling could have been less commanding in comparison to the heavy riffery, which has always been more welcome.

Essentially, TO/DIE/FOR retained their image, might not be knocking doors but eagerly convincing to keep on following their steps into a Gothic Metal world that will never end any time soon. This time they floated in the air, cloud chasing mostly but with an offering that is solid enough to enjoy.

3 Star Rating

1. In Black
2. Screaming Birds
3. Unknown III
4. Mere Dream
5. You
6. Straight Up
7. Let It Bleed
8. End of Tears
Juha-Pekka "Juppe" Sutela - Guitars
Jarno "Jape" Perätalo - Vocals
Eza Viren - Guitars
Matti Huopainen - Drums
Samuel Schildt - Bass
Record Label: Massacre Records


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