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To The Grave - Director’s Cuts

To The Grave
Director’s Cuts
by Craig Rider at 20 March 2023, 1:38 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TO THE GRAVE; signed via Unique Leader Records, hailing from Australian grounds - performing Deathcore, on their 4th full-length studio album entitled: “Director’s Cuts” (released February 24th, 2023). Since formation in 2010; the quartet in question have 4 full-length studio records in their discography so far entitled: “Expect Resistance” (released 2014), “Global Warning” (released 2019), “Epilogue” (released 2021) and this here 4th offering entitled: “Director’s Cuts” of which I am introduced to. 11 tracks ranging around 42 minutes… TO THE GRAVE arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Deathcore developments.

Opening up with this synthetic wave of atmospheric ambience; "Warning Shot" fabricates a boisterously bouncy calamity in blistering adrenaline & rampantly rompy thuds of sturdy virulence, forging a clobbering foundation in bludgeoning heft that showcases sulphureous volatility. "Red Dot Shot" then bulldozes eardrums into a belting rumble on reverberating substance that's primitively raw whilst rollicking with ruthless substance on slabby solidity that's pandemonic & meaty, manifesting with monstrously venomous organics on weighty tightness that's punchy whilst monolithic tempo wise. Twinning guitar hooks from Martin Steene & Kirk Backarach rift with razor-sharp mayhem; belting intensely with wildly rushing frolics in which rage with dexterously dynamic momentum & strong virtuosity that's seamlessly sonic, whilst maliciously abominable.

"Full Sequence" harnesses a crescendo building gallop; contrasting with piledriving finesse from hammering drummer Fritz Wagner, whilst thumpy yet stompy and audible flickers from Martin Lund ramify with pummeling pounds that manifest with profusely robust grit. Injecting an infectiously concrete strike on slaying grinds and brutal bestiality, Djent-like nimbleness rivets with gnarly distortion and experimental vivaciousness. As "B.D.T.S" forges a crunchy calamity; crafting a chunky dose in berserking malice & versatile vehemence on distinctively distinguished archetypes in archaic but brisk impulse that revs with towering tremolo systematics, unleashing this trailblazing rage on relentless stampedes of rigorous vigor that's most exhilarating.

"Protest & Sever' (feat. Sam CrockerANTAGONIST A.D.) grumbles with salubriously grunty growls from Martin Steene; utilizing bleeding gutturals on throaty raspiness that distils a dense attribute within the musical structure, where nothing but an aggressively extreme rage that showcases an implosive execution in a groovy converge that makes speakers tremble with malignant perseverance on persistent grandeurs in clobbering rampage which unleashes some pugnacious pig squeals for good intensity. "Manhunt" strikes with more powerful rambunctiousness; as in-your-faces slams meltdown with impactful density in flexible fundamentals of strident strife that transitions with some unique soundwaves of hypnotic hostility, some would say they materialize with schizophrenic bombardments and pulverizing pursuit to say the least.

"Found Footage" gravitates with more salubrious maelstrom kicks that rips with shredding slaps and barbaric transgression, renegading viciously with fierce firepower expertise on top of some beatdown grandiosity that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in no time. "Axe Of Kindness" swings remorselessly with punishing blows and radically wicked tendencies that swelter souls with groove-bomb belligerence; heralding impending bolts & rapidly swift nimbleness that skyrockets with revving pierces of virtuoso quakes that's most killer. "Reversing The Bear Trap" makes another guest appearance from Jess Christiansen who unleashes more snarly shrieks on squalling yawps that supply an inventive female structure that's rather deep and mighty, masqueraded with revolting soars that yell with quintessential barks that subjugates menacingly with the thundering instrumental immensities TO THE GRAVE conjures up with.

The penultimate banger: "Cut Off The Head" smacks with more uproarious rampage; bashing heads with the utmost viscerality on lacerating slashes that surges maniacally and diabolically, as high-pitched screams materialize with the gruesome blast beats as each member trudgens through onto this sadistic array in beastly but all guns blazing rocket that fires all cylinders with massive flair. Overall concluding "Director's Cuts" with the finale epic: "Die, Rise"; an 8 minute mammoth that unearths more abhorrent furore on wrathful madness that pulverizes speakers instinctively, as a desecrating empowerment enforces a healthy dose in Deathcore deadliness that will start off your day rightly with.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that TO THE GRAVE most surely outdone themselves with "Director's Cuts"; think of LORNA SHORE but with more unrelenting inhumanity, as an embedded experience of this subgenre justifies a headed enjoyability in which makes for a ominously jarring but blinding discovery should those need an energetic boost for utmost motivation within gym territory & or outside. Worthy of spinning & replaying a good bunch of times, do check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

01. Warning Shot
02. Red Dot Sight
03. Full Sequence
04. B.D.T.S.
05. Protest & Sever (feat. Sam Crocker – Antagonist AD)
06. Manhunt
07. Found Footage
08. Axe of Kindness
09. Reversing The Bear Trap (feat. Jess Christiansen – Bled Out)
10. Cut Off The Head
11. Die, Rise
Martin Steene - Lead/Backing Vocals
Kirk Backarach - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Martin Lund - Bass/Backing Vocals
Fritz Wagner - Drums /Backing Vocals
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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