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To The Pain - Seven

To The Pain
by Camila Guimarães de Almeida at 05 October 2015, 5:28 PM

Here is the latest work of one of the bands of the underground scene of the USA showing their full potential in this new released CD, entitled "Seven". With its purposeful 7 songs can assimilate the great potential of the band during the album and that potentially there is capacity to do more.

However, we noticed some limitations in more creative compositions, as well as choruses that are not convincing either. Songs full of weight and melody on the album progress, however, they miss the amazing innovations that would lead to band distinguishing itself from others.

Of the entire album, the music that most excited me to bang my head was "Cry Out For Justice" and “Is It My Turn To Die”, yet the remainder was more of the same in all the work of the band: uneventful.

In the latter, it is possible to identify a musical growth in the band, because we can see elements that bring heavier nuances to the more melodious parts of the song; and this without it sounding like something forced. The singer has operated the most serious vocal lines even more torn.

In addition, letter composition refers to the style in which it proposes to perform their work. Especially, it is still also possible to identify the rows and down the chord, which is usually something so complex to listen to, but that makes all the difference in music. Throughout the song there are nuances that break every weight shown so far in the band's music.

The same rhythmical riffs, accompanied by torn vocals and no element of surprise which could make the band stand out marks the album. Nevertheless, they show extreme technicality and correctness in their sound execution.

With some more work and creativity the band can become a very relevant name for the scene.

Luck on the road guys!

2 Star Rating

1. March for Mankind
2. Heavens Carnage
3. Seven
4. Killzone
5. Is it My Turn to Die
6. Cry Out for Justice
7. Don't Eat the Eyes
Steve Shaver - Lead Guitar, vocals
John Intagliata - Lead Vocals
Craig Piano -Guitar
Jeremy Lustig - Bass
Jimmy Klimatas – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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