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To Die For - IV (CD)

To Die For
by Michael Dalakos at 16 July 2005, 11:53 AM

To Die For, Charon, Entwine, In Heaven… have one thing in common, in their music: you simply can't dislike it. Perfectly performed, with a good production, FM friendly… this has to be the Glam / A.O.R. of the 00's! It's so friendly that even a non Metal audience could listen to it without covering its ears.
To Die For was created by the ashes of Mary Ann in 1999. Their debut had an impact on the scene (that just has started to grow back then) mostly because of the amazing cover version of Sandra's (respect!!!) In The Heat Of The Night (hell yeah) that also featured Kimberly Goss (Synergy) on vocals (and I dare say that her voice sounded better on the song than Sandra's voice - I know this will send me to hell, hahaha). From 1999 and up till today they have released two more albums but I don't think they ever got the attention they deserved.
Anyway, IV is the band's fourth album (duh) and as one can imagine, it walks pretty much in the exact same field as their previous works. Gothic Rock, catchy with the typical I love you, do you love me? vocals (Koula, poly kolopaido o Kyriakos, as we Greeks say), songs with small duration and refrains that simply get pinned inside the listener's mind.
If you don't mind listening to an album that carries all the cliches of the genre it follows (I don't) then you will probably fall in love with this one. It has a flashy production (a really warm sound), really nicely crafted. Songs that jump out of the bunch are the opener Autumn Forever, Lies (For Fools) and Chaotic Me (with the last one being the most interesting, for me). Fans of melancholy go ahead and invest.

3 Star Rating

Autumn Forever
This World is Made for Me
Lies (for Fools)
New Year's Day
Chaotic Me
Little Deaths
No Turning Back
Last Breath
Jape Perätalo - Vocals
Antza Talala - Guitar
Mika Ahtiainen - Guitar
Josey Strandman - Bass
Juska Salminen - Keyboards
Santtu Lonka - Drums
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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