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To The Bone - Against The Dead Hand (CD)

To The Bone
Against The Dead Hand
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 05 July 2008, 3:15 PM

TO THE BONE were kind enough to send us this album for a review by themselves, and of course I would gladly accept to listen to a new band, new music. Even if a band is good or bad, even if an album sucks or rocks, you always broaden your musical horizons by listening to new stuff and that's why I willingly got this album. Well, ok, I didn't get it only for these reasons…

In fact the album's artwork, the band's name and some other stuff made me believe that either it was going to be a band that plays old school Swedish Death Metal or a CARCASS influenced Grind/Death act. Unfortunately, the band plays something that has nothing to do with the genres I just mentioned.

The US act was formed in 2004 from the ashes of Prog Rock/Ambient (?) group BODY. These guys claim that they play a mixture of Metal, Rock and Progressive music. Excuse me but I couldn't see any Metal influences in here except for one or two moments where I came across Metal riffs. The band is something like a Garage Rock band with a punkish attitude and some slight (really slight) groovy Stoner Rock touches. Even though it is obvious that they have worked on their music and have produced a decent sample of their music, I just can't find anything interesting in here.

If you like this kind of music then you can check them out and listen to some groovy and dirty tunes, but this album is definitely not the one that will make a metalhead fall in love with it.

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Jeff Bridi - Vocals, Bass
Nick Bohensky - Guitar
Dave Wilson - Drums
Record Label: Rosemont Recordings


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