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Toadeater – Bexadde

by Ricardo Casagrande at 25 August 2022, 2:03 PM

Germany’s Black metal outfit TOADEATER have been a busy group since their inception in 2018, releasing new material on a yearly basis. Starting with a demo in 2018 and following that up with the group’s first full-length release, Codex, in 2019. They started off 2020 with the single-track Hestia EP before wrapping up the year with another album called Bit to Ewigen Daogen. Progressing fluently with their writing, they are set to release a new album the second week of September titled Bexadde. The four-song effort will have a running time of 43:54, so though it is short in tracks, there is plenty of music within the darkness.

“Asche” starts off the album and the track embodies a sinking, ‘being-pulled-down-into-an-endless-spiral’ feeling within the opening minute and the track builds into a greater force from there on. The vocals come across as more toned down as compared to most Black metal, less ear-piercing screeching and more of a drowned out distant yell that you would contribute to a doom act. Needless to say, it follows the double kick and fierce paced riff very well. The next track opens with a chord progression that insists on overlaying a feeling of having just lost something special. “Let The Darkness Swallow You” lives up to its name to perfection as the band captures that empty feeling and floats you down it like a river. There are times in the song when you can sit back and take in the beauty and other times when you hold on for your life. A twelve-minute song that keeps you engaged throughout its entirety.

“Lowest Servant” has some cool echoing, ritualistic chanting to begin the song. The vocals remind me of a cross between AT THE GATES and RAMMSTEIN. The music never seems rushed and carries a malevolent feeling no matter the intensity of the instruments. The shortest track on the album at eight and a half minutes, it fits in well before the finishing track “Molten Gold (Down Your Throat)”. The searing riffs are matched by the blasts of the drums as the song opens and continues with aggression well into the track. The bass comes through more so at times on this marathon of a track than on the others and captures the deep tormented rhythm. The song isn't overwhelming or bringing something new to the table but is a well written track.

If you listen to some other material by the band, you are able to notice that there are different elements to the music on each of the releases. This album seems to deal more with self-torment and anxiety that folds a darkness into each song. But the songs do come across as pure emotional discharge without having to live up to expectations or standards. The band simply performs to their liking. With the amount of material these guys are sending out, I think they could be an interesting band to keep an eye out for in the coming years.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Asche
2. Let The Darkness Swallow You
3. Lowest Servant
4. Molten Gold (Down Your Throat)
D. Mohring
L.L. Schneider
J. Budke
J. Plackties
Record Label: FDA Records


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