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Toby Hitchcock - Changes

Toby Hitchcock
by Craig Rider at 07 October 2021, 12:36 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TOBY HITCHCOCK; signed via Frontiers Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Melodic Rock/AOR, on their 3rd album entitled: "Changes" (released July 9th, 2021). Since formation in 2011; the quartet in question have 3 Full-length albums, 6 singles & 1 Live album in their discography so far, I'm introduced to their 3rd record "Changes". 11 tracks ranging around 44:12; TOBY HITCHCOCK arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Melodic Rock/AOR amalgamations.

Opening up with some melodic pianist hymns, a harmonic synthesizer merged with riveting but groovy and catchy guitar rock ramifies with vibrantly potent rifts within "Forward". AOR calamities revel with upbeat remedy, surging with progressively technical fretworks and elegantly sublime tonality that marvels with mesmerising mellow where euphonic cords from consisting front man Toby Hitchcock establishes at a feverish but fluent and high-pitched pipes of throaty singing stability while synergistically haralding at a distinctively rugged vocal performance that's zealous as it does soar with strong persistence. "Before I Met You (Xano Esena)" elements at more meticulous fabrications in hybrid experimentation, as dexterously dynamic rhythms & nimble virtuosity trigger swiftly where seamless guitarist Martin Jepsen Andersen examines at a concrete aesthetic in gripping hooks of quintessential revs that pierce through you with feel-good but crystal clear strums sulfurously yet salubriously.

The titular track crafts distinguished complexity as creative bounciness jumps with punchy versatility on vehement musical utilisations, stridently swerving with momentously empowering accord, embodying hardened drums that thud with sturdy reverb from battering maelstrom Nicholas Papapicco who stomps the set with rompy smacks profusely as choppy taps piledrive with rampant systematics while solid solos pattern this weighty yet pleasing substance on organic tone especially in "Tonight Again" & "Garden Of Eden". Both majestically showcase seamless guitar firepower expertise, amongst an outbursting outrè on èclat and immersively epic orchestration which varies with wondrous captivation.

The vocalist somewhat reminds me of VOLBEAT's Michael Poulsen a hinge, while not quite heavy as them - TOBY HITCHCOCK clamours at a dense distilment in inventive characteristics in all things rock and AOR. "Don't Say Goodbye", "Say No More" & "Run Away Again (From Love) all have that radio-friendly symphony as deep but hearty lyricism portray this sense of trepidation, loss and dark songwriting musicianship that tells the tale of the losing battle in love that ultimately ends in a stark shroud of troublesome brood and cloudiness. Alessandro Del Vecchio injects an infectiously venomous thump on bass audibility, flexible keyboardist fundamentals and backing vocals which supply with striking pursuits but listenable diligence in detailed but mellifluous transparency to boot.

"Two Hearts On The Run" & "On The Edge Of Falling" both conjure up that flamboyant instrumental leap on moving yet jarring bleakness in that typical but foreboding love story we all face on a daily basis, eloquently capturing dramatic respect to a loved one that's inescapable and bearing to one's soul. Musically mesmerising, however. Overall concluding "Changes'' with the finale epic "Losing You"; which manifests with an appealing chorus line, evident throughout the record where relishing solos and centre-point vocals do a grand job on transfixing you with this magnitude prowess on theatrical ballad-esque territory where some un tempo licks gravitate with splendid but highly emotive deliveries. While this record exceeded expectations originally, I'm very surprised to say that I enjoyed a lot of this rousing fascination in anthemic structures of thrillingly tense yet silver-lining diligence in linear but fluidly polished perseverance with the spirited passion TOBY HITCHCOCK provides here.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that TOBY HITCHCOCK most surely outdone himself here, "Changes" articulates in fashionably entertaining instrumental masterclass on proficiencies that revolve around a heavy but complex flair on this quantum spectrum of AOR efficiencies and enlightening finesse which definitely deserves a good handful of listens. Worthy of spinning & replaying should you fancy a unique yet dimensional discovery - check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Forward
2. Before I Met You (Xano Esena)
3. Changes
4. Tonight Again
5. Garden Of Eden
6. Don’t Say Goodbye
7. Say No More
8. Run Away Again (From Love)
9. Two Hearts On The Run
10. On The Edge Of Falling
11. Losing You
Toby Hitchcock – Vocals
Martin Jepsen Andersen – Guitars
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Bass/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Nicholas Papapicco – Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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