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Töxik Death – Sepulchral Demons

Töxik Death
Sepulchral Demons
by Thomas Kumke at 17 August 2020, 5:26 AM

TÖXIK DEATH hailing from Sandnes, Norway were founded in 2003. They play old school Thrash Metal: fast, aggressive, brutal! “Sepulchral Demons” is only their second album after their debut “Speed Metal Hell” from 2014. There were a lot of line-up changes shortly after their debut album and Anders Waage and Tore Vik were the only survivors in the band. Musically, “Sepulchral Demons” heads into the same direction as “Speed Metal Hell”. It was released by High Roller Records and has a length of approximately 33 minutes.

Sepulchral Demons” is a journey back to the early years of Thrash Metal. The title track sets pretty much the tone for the entire album. High speed guitar riffs, hammering drums, and a crashing bass dominate the sound. The vocals of Henning Haugland fit well into the sound, although he offers little variation throughout the album. “Savage Nights”, “Malicious Assassin”, and “Sadistic Sourcery” are songs of insane tempo where both guitarists work their way through extremely fast and catchy riffs that remind on early EXODUS songs. “Malicious Assassin” and especially “Sadistic Sourcery” also contain some really well played guitar solos that gives both songs something extra. “Sadistic Sourcery” is available on YouTube and the link is given below.

Morbid Divination” sounds different compared to the rest of the album. The tempo is mostly kept mid-tempo with pounding drum rhythms. There is a speed attack in the middle of the song where both guitarists are once again at their best regarding breakneck speedy guitar riffs and solos. Clearly, TÖXIK DEATH feels more comfortable with their fast approach to Thrash Metal than with mid-tempo elements. Of note, “Morbid Divination” is with 7 minutes the longest song of the album.

Incantation Of Annihilation” starts with the well-proven strategy of the high tempo approach, there is however, a nicely worked mid-tempo break in between which fits very well into the song. Beside “Malicious Assassin”, “Incantation Of Annihilation” is my favorite of the album. “Undead Vengeance” completes the 33 minutes of Thrash Metal history.

Sepulchral Demons” is a Thrash Metal album that is based upon role models of the Thrash Metal beginnings. Fans of early SLAYER, EXODUS, or DESTRUCTION will love the album. TÖXIK DEATH do what they do best: driven by the frantic guitars of Anders Waage and Tore Vik they provide blisteringly fast songs with little variation throughout. Occasionally they show that they are able to do different but in general “Sepulchral Demons” might be a bit too one-dimensional to be remembered for a long time. The album is well produced and for Thrash Metal fans, TÖXIK DEATH is a band to watch.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship:  7
Memorability:  7
Production:  8

3 Star Rating

1. Sepulchral Demons
2. Savage Nights
3. Malicious Assassin
4. Sadistic Sourcery
5. Morbid Divination
6. Incantation Of Annihilation
7. Undead Vengeance
Henning Haugland – Vocals
Anders Waage – Guitars
Tore Vik ­- Guitars
Jacob Ittredal – Drums
Espen Haukelid – Bass
Record Label: High Roller Records


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