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Tokyo Motor Fist – Lions Award winner

Tokyo Motor Fist
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 23 August 2020, 4:01 PM

TOKYO MOTOR FIST are a relatively new band having released their debut self titled album on Feb 24th 2017. We now have the new release “Lions” on July 10th 2020. The new album has a fine selection of 11 new songs to tune into. The band who are under the cover of Frontiers Records Srl have come together from their previous musical careers to form the new super-group. We have Ted Poley (DANGER DANGER,) Steve Brown (TRIXTER,) Greg Smith (ALICE COOPER) & Chuck Burgi (BLUE OYSTER CULT.) So this is a project that is sure to bring us banging tunes with quality lyrics sung in awesomeness.

Everyone assumes that singer Ted Poley’s musical career started when he became the singer of DANGER DANGER, however he actually started as the drummer for the Prog Metal band PROPHET, releasing their debut album in 1985, 2 years prior to becoming the singer of DANGER DANGER. Steve Brown is most notably known for being one of the co-founders of TRIXTER, again a little known fact is that previous to the name TRIXTER, the band was originally called RADE when it was formed in 1983 & the name change came after line up changes & a single live concert and it was after this change that the band grew in fanbase & live performances.

Greg Smith has had such an impressive history performing with various artists & bands. Probably the most recognised artists/bands he worked with being RAINBOW, LIBERTY & JUSTICE & ALICE COOPER. Finally we have drummer Chuck Burgi who has past musical associations with everyone from DIANA ROSS to BON JOVI to MEATLOAF. So the formation of the band TOKYO MOTOR FIST by Frontiers Records Srl has been yet another good looking super band with artists who have had shit hot & very impressive past endeavours in other bands & shows promise for a future of new albums to come.

So onto the new album “Lions.” Opening the album is a song called “Young Blood.” This song starts off with a twinkly sounding guitar riff followed by the drums then vocals to complete the package. This is a catchy lil number that reels you into the albums fine & sweet ass grip.  It’s one of those song you would listen to when you want to inspire & encourage the “Young Blood.” Song number 3 is called “Around Midnight” which plays in at 2 minutes 47 seconds, so not one of the longest tracks but a great song in itself. It’s nice & upbeat, crisp and full of anticipation.

Song number 5 is the title track “Lions” This one opens with Ted’s recognisable & sweetly familiar vocals singing “mean it, mean it, mean it.” It’s a tidy little number asking for something so simple to give, to be loved like you mean it, something we should all have a little of at some point in our lives, to have someone that you could dedicate this song to. Jumping ahead to song number 8 “Blow Your Mind” this one is easily my favourite song from the album.  It’s one of those songs where the music feels right & the lyrics captivate you from the first line to the last. Then closing the album is the song “Winner Takes All.” This is a song with some powerful riffs throughout & the bass stands out well as it does in them all to be fair, but I love hearing a good base line coming through. An excellent song to end an excellent album!

Overall, I have really enjoyed this album. The 80’s sound in the 20’s modernized but still classic at the same time, somehow the guys have managed to find that sweet spot & balance the combination of having that originality of each members qualities & combining them in perfect harmony!

Songwriting 10
Musicianship 10
Memorability 9
Production 10

5 Star Rating

1. Young Blood
2. Monster In Me
3. Around Midnight
4. Mean It
5. Lions
6. Decadence On 10th Street
7. Dream Your Heart Out
8. Blow Your Mind
9. Sedona
10. Look Into Me
11. Winner Takes All
Ted Poley - Vocals
Steve Brown - Guitar, Vocals
Greg Smith - Bass
Chuck Burgi - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records Srl


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