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Tokyo Dragons - Hot Nuts (CD)

Tokyo Dragons
Hot Nuts
by Grigoris Chronis at 03 September 2007, 1:24 AM

Conclusively (what a fitting word for starting something…) I dig TOKYO DRAGONS. I dig the band more than e.g. DARKNESS. Be it the neverending supremacy of in-your-face 'hard' rock 'n' roll, be it the magic of jeans and black T-shirts, be it the everlasting hope that Britain may (sometime) hold the scepters to 'leading' Rock 'n' Roll (in general) music… Hot Nuts can - and I hope will - remind you how charming it really is to play simple and ample. Rock 'n' Roll will never(?) die…
Occuping myself with the stalking quartet's debut full-length (Give Me The Fear) back in late 2005, I can recall the anxiety for something that will bring back again - to wider audiences - the archetypal principles of Rock music, the way  (not only them, of course!) really legendary British bands like T-REX, STATUS QUO, THE WHO, SLADE and MOTORHEAD have taught us. I can also recall the suspicion of a 'big bubble' band maneuvered by the shitty British Press, the way DARKNESS once sparked a huge flame that lasted for not more than a couple of albums. …that's the difference being inventing yourself and being manufactured by someone else…, reads a relative Press Release and some heads will shake with lenience.
This year's sophomore effort sees the band expanding its horizons to the legacy of more bands around the globe. AC/DC, (70s) KISS, (70s) AEROSMITH, THIN LIZZY, RAM JAM, GRAND FUNK, lots of early NWOBHM… While hearing to some tunes' parts off Hot Nuts there was a glimpse of cold sweat passing by, carrying the grime of pseudo-punk bands like OFFSPRING or GREENDAY. On second thought I realized this was not a 'bonded' relation but rather a couple of similarities in influences. Dunno, RAMONES or even JERRY LEE LEWIS? This can be the only minus I can come up with.
Dirty Rock, all hail! On Your Marks, Ramblin' Jack, Keeping The Wolf From The Door, Killing Everybody You Meet and On Fuel will be the perfect company for your nights out to your favorite Rock Club ending up in a pool of alcohol, plus Slade Alive, If I Run You Run, Rock My Boat(!), Couldn't I Just Tell You and The Ballad Of Ballard can act as the perfect soundtrack on your 'next day' party at home or some reckless highway driving to nowhere. The vocals are 'philthy and free, the guitars are dirty, loud and nasty, the leads are screaming and boozin', the rhythm section is simple and hammering and…need more for rocking your - each and every - day/night to the bone?
If you think DARKNESS was the new hot product coming from the UK, thing again. TOKYO DRAGONS are not a Metal band but they mean business. If you feel SPIRITUAL BEGGARS will fill your 70s needs, then listen to some drivin' and ass kickin' (Hard) Rock album like this one and do your best to do it good! Recommended even for Thrash Metal maniacs.

4 Star Rating

On Your Marks
Keeping The Wolf From The Door
If I Run You Run
Killing Everybody You Meet
Rock My Boat
On Fuel
Slade Alive
Ramblin Jack
Couldn't I Just Tell You
The Ballad Of Ballard
Steve Lomax - Guitar, Vocals
Mal Bruk - Guitar, Vocals
Mathias Stady ­- Bass
Phil Martini - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Escapi Music


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