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Tomb Mold - Manor of Infinite Forms

Tomb Mold
Manor of Infinite Forms
by Kayla Hutton at 30 May 2018, 6:50 AM

June 8th, 2018 marks the release date for TOMB MOLD’s latest album “Manor of Infinite Forms” via 20 Buck Spin Records. Who knew, Ontario Canada has a monster in its population. Talk about guitar 101 and excellent riffology. The album’s title track is metals finest way to start a song. Slow drudging like a trial. Kind of scary like an opening riff of a SLAYER song. Putting lure on the hook to bait em in and then kick em in the teeth with blasts followed by a fantastic groove verse line. “Manor of Infinite Forms”, the title track is massaging my eardrums with death metal done right. The vocals are deep low breathy growls with an occasional ending note getting drawn out at a higher pitched scream similar to old CANNIBAL CORPSE.

Sweet Zombie Jesus the sickening brutality continues on “Blood Mirror” as if some filmed a skater eating pavement and zoomed in, slowed it down for the moment when bare knee caps slide across the pavement. Capturing every little pebble that gets lodged in the skin and every nook that caused a slow painful road rash. That is just how sick TOMB MOLD is. Within “Blood Mirror” there is a midsection that becomes thick and mucky as the doom like tempo plays. These guys know how to accent some tremolo picking too. Rather than just blast through it, they actually gave it emphasis and dynamic. The leads are in line with the melody and tone of the song and aren’t just thrown into the mix. While there aren’t any off time progressions, the transitions aren’t typical by any means, they have some real play-ability and provide an alternate aspect to the song.

Two Worlds Become One” begins with an eerie acoustic guitar line that didn’t edit out the fret noise, making as if it were being played in the next room. Very dark yet bluesy. The thick muddy sounding full band comes in and with 2 tempos in the one riff, it made me unsure of what direction the song was going to go. Predictability leads to boredom. I love suspense and uncertainty. The transitions and alternate beats applied to the same part is really what is setting these guys apart and exciting my attention span. TOMB MOLD’s overall sound is monotonous due to no one individual tone popping out as unique, these guys could have easily gotten thrown into the pile of other monotonous death bands. But damn, the ability and effort put forth stands out and shines bright enough to not only grab attention but hypnotically draw you into it.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Manor of Infinite Forms
2. Blood Mirror
3. Abysswalker
4. Final Struggle of Selves
5. Gored Embrace (Confronting Biodegradation)
6. Chamber of Sacred Ootheca
7. Two Worlds Become One
Steve Musgrave - Bass
Max Klebanoff - Drums, Vocals
Payson Power - Guitars
Derrick Vella - Guitars, Bass
Record Label: 20 Buck Spin


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