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Tomb Of Finland - Below The Green

Tomb Of Finland
Below The Green
by Chelsea Jennings at 30 July 2015, 2:51 AM

TOMB OF FINLAND are a Death/Doom Metal band that were formed in 2009. TOMB OF FINLAND are now coming out with their latest effort on August 21st, 2015 titled "Below The Green". Their latest release will be put out via Mighty Music.

TOMB OF FINLAND are a fairly "typical" Death/Doom Metal band coming with all of the "normalities" of the genre. There are the heavy, skull-crushing drums, and the heavy-strumming guitars. The vocals are guttural, growling, and screaming for most of the release.

The topics of tracks such as "Sunfade" talking about the sun disappearing from the earth, or "Life And Slavery" talking about how human life is pretty well plagued and doomed and that nothing will fix it are typical material of Death/Doom Metal releases. Further in that vain "End Of God" suggests that God has turned his back on this planet, and that nothing we do can change the way things are going for humanity anymore. It's too far gone, too late. "In The Heart Of Winter" is about a cold, hostile environment that the world has become, and how we have to survive in it despite the world's attempts to snuff out the soul of humanity.

TOMB OF FINLAND honestly doesn't offer anything "new" to the typical Death/Doom Metal release, but it's a solid effort that releases exactly what fans of that genre want to hear. Dark, angry, heavy lyrics and themes. Growling, guttural vocals. Heavy music. Aggression being released. Ultimately, there could be a bit more of a "Creative Something" behind what the band puts out, something that makes them stand out and be individualistic, and it's a bit of a safe release, but it is something that most Death/Doom Metal fans will find appealing. It's classic Death/Doom Metal that stays true to the "formula" of Death/Doom Metal's genre.

Fans of Death/Doom Metal will find the typical recipe of what they are looking for in this genre with TOMB OF FINLAND's latest release out August 21st, 2015 via Mighty Music.

3 Star Rating

1. End Of God
2. Death Of The Sun
3. In The Heart Of Winter
4. The Autumn Rain
5. Life And Slavery
6. Sunfader
7. Damnation
8. Dead Forever
9. Kaira
Olli Suvanto - Vocals
Jasse Von Hast - Guitars
Mikko Hannuksela - Guitars
Janne Manninen - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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