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Tomb of Finland - Across the Barren Fields

Tomb of Finland
Across the Barren Fields
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 21 September 2022, 1:46 PM

In the beginning, the extreme Metal School of Finland was filthy and hard to swallow for the fans. In those days BEHERIT, IMPALED NAZARENE, AMORPHIS, SENTENCED, DEMIGOD, CONVULSION, ABHORRENCE, FUNEBRE and others were just laying down the foundations upon everything of extreme Metal one can think of was built. Even today, with all evolution of the genres experienced (and created) on Finland, some needs to use an Old School for to express their ideas, as the quintet TOMB OF FINLAND, as heard on “Across the Barren Field”.

It’s not a sin to say that their music had resemblances with PARADISE LOST, MY DYING BRIDE and ANATHEMA on their early ages (when the only worry of these bands were to fill the ears of the fans with a filthy and putrid form of music), or in other words, is a form of mix between Death Metal with influences of classic Doom Death Metal (because there are moments with faster tempos as heard on “Perpetual Entombment”), but that bears the essence of Finnish extreme Metal (some melodies arises in some points, but without disrupting the brutality of the music), and even some touches of Finnish Black Metal. It’s really a very good experience to deal with the band’s work, because it doesn’t lack of a personality, shows an abrasive and catchy energy. Jasse von Hast worked with the band on studio on the recordings, mixing and mastering. It’s obvious to everybody that their music needs a filth and crude approach to be expressed properly, and it’s what one will find on “Across the Barren Fields”, but in a form that’s defined and allows the fans to understand what’s being expressed by the quintet.

As a mature band that’s releasing its third album, one can expect great things of them. And it’s hard to resist to moments as “Waiting for the End” (a brutal and oppressive song shaped by many hooks and melodies, showing that there’s something behind their influences that resembles to Hard Rock, and pay attention to bass guitar and drums playing), “Coffin Bound” (oppressive and full of funereal moments, it shows a great appeal, especially due the excellent guitar riffs and arrangements), “Perpetual Entombment” (this one shows a Death Metal tendency improved with some groove influences, with good grunts filling all the spaces), “Wretched Bliss” (some keyboards parts reinforces the melodic and oppressive side of their music, once more with a fine set of catchy melodies coming from the guitars), “Nightfall” (a song that’s not too complicated technically, but full of different arrangements that improves the oppressive parts where bass guitar playing is in evidence), and “The Gallows”.

Yes, “Across the Barren Fields” is really a charming release for fans of Death Metal, Doom Death Metal and Finnish Death Metal. So take a listen to this offering done by TOMB OF FINLAND, and enjoy.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Waiting for the End
2. Coffin Bound
3. Perpetual Entombment
4. Cursed Be the One
5. Wretched Bliss
6. Shadows of the North
7. Nightfall
8. The Gallows
9. In Memoriam
Olli Suvanto - Vocals
Jasse Von Hast - Guitars
Mikko Hannuksela - Guitars
Ville Kangasharju - Bass
Janne Lukki - Drums
Record Label: Uprising! Records


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