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Tomb Stone – Broken Covenant

Tomb Stone
Broken Covenant
by Rachel Montgomery at 27 March 2020, 2:32 AM

From British Columbia, TOMB STONE formed in 2012 from friendships and the ashes of an old band. Building their repertoire by practicing and touring together, they’ve presented the world with their album “Broken Covenant”. While it’s clear they have fun rocking together, I wish there was more oomph in the album, some more tightness, and a little more vocal consistency.

The opening track, “Blistered Eyes”, starts off with a strong, distinct riff. The overall tone reminds me of mid-2000s acts like AVENGED SEVENFOLD. The production is clear, and the instrumentals and vocals are in the right place. The one thing I’d change is the instrumental tuning. I’d make it a hair tighter. I’d also change the vocal stylings; I think the gravelly singing and the guttural chorus are too similar to be distinct. I would sing in a clearer voice, like the vocals in “Gone But Not Forgotten” and go more intense with the cookie-monster chorus. The opening track does set up the rest of the album for what it is: a turbo-rock anthem with fast riffs and stylings that remind me of my high school days in the mid-2000s. Throughout, the sound is OK and the production is clear, but it feels like it could have been pushed more. “Gone But Not Forgotten” in particular has a SYSTEM OF A DOWN flavor that feels half-assed; I wish they would have taken that element and ran with it. As is, it should be tighter.

A tight song on the album is “Destiny Awaits”. The precision of the drums and the riff are spot-on. The vocals are between a cookie monster and singing, but at least they are consistent. For what it is, it’s passable. But like many other songs on this album, I wish it were pushed further. The intensity feels lacking, like there’s harmonies missing. “Awakening” and “Dead Ark” are standouts on this album. I love how the guttural vocals roar into “Awakening” like a demonic train whistle. However, like the opening track, I wish there were more of a contrast between the guttural vocals and the singing in the verses. The broken acoustic chords at the beginning of “Dead Ark” are haunting and lead into the dirge-like song wonderfully. The tempo change with the guitar solo is also a nice touch, showing a frenzy of good composition.

Overall, this album was underwhelming. The instrumentals are solid, but on some tracks, they can sound loose. I also wish there was some more distinction between singing styles. Also, while I can tell the band had fun making the album, the vocals feel too constrained and the instrumentals are too loose. If it were tighter, and there were more harmonies, I think this could have been a real turbo-charged album.

Songwriting: 7
Production: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Blistered Eyes
2. Gone But Not Forgotten
3. Destiny Awaits
4. Collapse The System
5. X-Treme Personal Violence
6. Smorgasbord
7. Awakening
8. Dead Ark
9. Twist the Knife
Allan Stead – Vocals
Chavez Erlandson – Guitars
Mikail Steed – Bass
Ryan Stevens - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Shock Collar Records


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